The use of social media by young consumers in purchasing processes

- Magda Stachowiak-Krzyżan, Ph. D. Eng

The main purpose of the article is presenting the role of social media in the process of shaping the behaviours of young consumers in the context of utilization of chosen social media in the process of making purchasing decisions. The conducted research has shown that social media constitute an inseparable part of almost every decision-making process. The contents published in social media not only generate needs among young consumers, encouraging them to make unplanned purchases, but also constitute an important source of inspiration at the stage of looking for alternatives for satisfying their needs. Additionally, social media constitute a precious source of information about products and a place for expressing opinions and sharing purchasing experiences. The article presents a definition and classification of social media, as well as current data concerning young consumers as a market segment. In further part of the article the results of research concerning the influence of chosen social media portals on the behaviours of young consumers are presented on the basis of the example of fashion market.

Magda Stachowiak-Krzyżan, Ph. D. Eng., Poznań University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Commodity Science, Department of Product Marketing, Poland – assistant at the Department of Product Marketing at the Faculty of Commodity Science of Poznań University of Economics and Business. Scientific interests: consumer behaviours, social media marketing, marketing communication and fashion market in social media. She runs courses on Marketing Basics, Consumer Behaviour, Product Management and Service Marketing.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2019-0014
Contact: magda.stachowiak(at)
MINIB, 2019, Vol. 31, Issue 1

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