In accordance with the standards set for academic and research journals by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Editorial Board oblige the authors to reveal any information about third party contribution to the publication (including meritorious contribution, contribution in kind or in cash, etc.). Authors must present the outcomes of their intellectual work in a clear and reliable way whether or not they are direct authors of a submitted paper and whether or not they have been assisted by a specialised third party (being either a natural person or a legal one). Ghostwriting is when an individual who contributed to developing a paper does not have his/her contribution acknowledged in the published paper; guest authorship is when the author’s contribution is insignificant or non-existent, but he/she appears in the publication as author or co-author. Should any cases of “ghostwriting” or “guest authorship” be ascertained, the Editorial Board will have them recorded and documented, and report them to the author’s employer as well as to any scholarly associations and learned societies of which the author is a member.