Publication rules of the quarterly “Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations”:

  1. The text must be of the scientific nature, i.e. it must present the results of original research of an empirical, theoretical, technical or analytical nature.
  2. The text may not have been published elsewhere before.
  3. Submitting the text for publication is equivalent to the declaration that the author has full copyrights to the text, and consent to the publication of the article in the quarterly “Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations” in the electronic version, which is the original version, as well as in other versions of publication.
  4. Each submitted text is verified by the anti-plagiarism software, and in case of detecting high similarity to other sources, the article will be rejected.
  5. Each text is reviewed according to the procedure described on the website (Information for authors and revievers -> Principles of reviewing). The waiting time for a decision is about a month from submitting the text, after which the author receives a reply as to whether the text will be published. Publication takes place within about 6 months from the decision to publish. The decision to publish the text is an independent decision of the Editorial Office.
  6. The Editorial Office reserves the right to shorten and edit the text accepted for publication.
  7. Along with the text, short information about the author should be sent along with his/her affiliation, e-mail address and telephone number.
  8. The Editorial Office accepts articles in English. After the English equivalents the article should indicate: title, abstract and keywords in Polish (if you can). The abstract in Polish should be identical to the abstract in English.
  9. A legibly signed Authors Declaration must be provided along with the text. – hyperlink
  10. No royalties are paid and no fees are charged for the publication.
  11. The statistical editor has the right to suspend the publication of a text containing gross statistical errors.
  12. Texts should be sent electronically to the following address: in standard Word settings: Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1.5, margins at 2.5.

The text should contain the following elements (in this order):

  • Title in both languages, English and Polish (if you can),
  • Surname and name of the author (authors), affiliation (stated from general to specific, including address), e-mail address, ORCID number,
  • an abstract specifying the theses presented in the article in English and identical in Polish (if you can),
  • 5-7 keywords in English and in Polish (if you can), JEL CODES (hyperlink:
  • Text (the article should be divided into logical, sequentially numbered chapters INTRODUCTION, LITERATURE REVIEW, RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS).
  • information about the sources of financing – possible acknowledgments and annotations as well as information on the contribution of other people, research units, associations, etc. to the publication of the publication should be placed at the end,
  • references – footnotes according to APA standards,
  • short biography of the author / biographies of the authors’
  1. The submitted article should be saved in two formats: for editing as Microsoft Office Word 2007 or higher (docx or doc) and for checking as Adobe Acrobat Document (pdf).
  2. Photos, graphics, tables, charts should be attached in separate files in high resolution (not less than 300 dpi). File names should correspond to the references in the text.

Files to download: