Wearable technology in the perception of young consumers

The paper presents the issues of wearable technology, their role and use in the current economy. Ubiquitous digital transformation and universal access to broadband Internet are the foundation for the creation of interoperable ecosystems, where wearable technology is responsible for communication often in the relationship between machine to machine and machine to human. The authors researched the level of knowledge about these devices and the degree of their use. It turned out that despite the knowledge of worn devices and relatively positive attitudes, the degree of their use is low. The article is theoretical and empirical.

Bogdan Gregor, Prof., PhD, Czytaj więcej »

The use of social media by young consumers in purchasing processes

The main purpose of the article is presenting the role of social media in the process of shaping the behaviours of young consumers in the context of utilization of chosen social media in the process of making purchasing decisions. The conducted research has shown that social media constitute an inseparable part of almost every decision-making process. The contents published in social media not only generate needs among young consumers, encouraging them to make unplanned purchases, but also constitute an important source of inspiration at the stage of looking for alternatives for satisfying their needs. Additionally, social media constitute a precious … Czytaj więcej »