Consumers towards sustainable food consumption

The progressive and unprecedented growth of the Earth’s population and the shrinking of the planet’s natural resources make it necessary to look at contemporary consumption from the point of sustainable development goals. The purpose of the paper is to characterise consumers’ attitude towards the idea of sustainable food consumption, which manifests itself in declared undertaking of sustainable behaviours both on the market and in households. The research employed the exploratory survey technique (direct survey) on a sample of 900 consumers from Poland and Slovakia. The most common declared sustainable behaviours include: avoiding overconsumption, monitoring healthy eating, as well as sorting … Czytaj więcej »

Twenty-first century male elegance amongst elegantly-dressing Polish males and self-declared “dandies”

Dandyism was a thriving philosophical and social movement amongst elegant men of the nineteenth century. The prevailing conviction in the literature on the subject is that the dandy trend began to gradually disappear in the twentieth century, whereas in the new millennium it essentially no longer exists, or at best exists only as a mere shadow of itself. Herein we report a questionnaire study of elegantly-dressing Polish males regarding their behaviour on the fashion market, seeking to gain an better image of this particular market segment and at the same time to identify the features of contemporary dandies and possible … Czytaj więcej »

The use of social media by young consumers in purchasing processes

The main purpose of the article is presenting the role of social media in the process of shaping the behaviours of young consumers in the context of utilization of chosen social media in the process of making purchasing decisions. The conducted research has shown that social media constitute an inseparable part of almost every decision-making process. The contents published in social media not only generate needs among young consumers, encouraging them to make unplanned purchases, but also constitute an important source of inspiration at the stage of looking for alternatives for satisfying their needs. Additionally, social media constitute a precious … Czytaj więcej »