Experiential marketing, interactivity and gamification – differences and similarities among the world-trends

- Diána Pacsi, Zoltán Szabó Ph.D.

Experimental, also known as experience marketing, interactivity, gamification. Theese three terms became very popular in the past years, by 2018, they set up the the main guidelines of marketing trends but the terms are not all novel. The philosophers, psychologists, sociologist and marketing specialists have been dealing with the impacts of experiences and reactions on human nature.
This study is going to try to explore the relationship and relationships between the three terms more deeply.
Before the final conclusions were drawn, three things had to be studied: what is experience, what interactivity means and what is the meaning of gamification. At the end of the article, a comprehensive picture the 3 main phenomenon emerges. The aforementioned terms often collapse, therefore sometimes it is hard to draw the real reports from the many literatures. To find out the answer, psychology had been called for help, which provided a precise point of reference for information processing.

Diána Pacsi, Szent István University, Hungary – a Ph.D. student of Szent István University. She researches the role of the interactivity and gamification in the marketing and the . She works as a Social Media manager in her own company, has wide knowledge in the Online Marketing, especially in the Facebook Marketing. Skilled in Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Management, Experiental marketing and Gamification.

Zoltán Szabó Ph.D., MBA, Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences, Hungary – Director of International Affairs and Associate Professor at Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences. His major research fields are wine marketing, consumer behaviour, tourism and place marketing, e-commerce. Having large experiences on organising international events and conferences. Skilled in Marketing Management, Wine Marketing, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, and Tourism Marketing. Strong education professional graduated from Webster University (AT), CAH Dronten (NL), Szent Istvan University (HU).

DOI: 10.14611/MINIB.30.12.2018.16
Contact: pacsi.diana1(at)gmail.com, szabo.zoltan.phd(at)gmail.com
MINIB, 2018, Vol. 30, Issue 4

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