Experiential marketing, interactivity and gamification – differences and similarities among the world-trends

Experimental, also known as experience marketing, interactivity, gamification. Theese three terms became very popular in the past years, by 2018, they set up the the main guidelines of marketing trends but the terms are not all novel. The philosophers, psychologists, sociologist and marketing specialists have been dealing with the impacts of experiences and reactions on human nature.
This study is going to try to explore the relationship and relationships between the three terms more deeply.
Before the final conclusions were drawn, three things had to be studied: what is experience, what interactivity means and what is the meaning of gamification. … Czytaj więcej »

Lecturers as an element of higher education marketing

The goal of this article is to identify the scope and results of already conducted research on the perception of lecturers from the internal and external perspective of Polish universities , as well as to assess the utilization of these resources in light of the marketing knowledge of a service organization. Research methods used for the purpose of this article include: the analysis of Polish and foreign periodicals from the area of university management and marketing, diagnosis of the utilization of lecturers as a special marketing asset of a university and formulating conditions for efficient marketing management of university employees … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing strategies and tactics in a period of recession

Recession is an extremely difficult period for most companies. Especially when a recession has universal dimensions, many companies find themselves unprepared to face great challenges. While marketing in good times has a long-term focus, a broad scope, it is benefits- and opportunities-driven and proactive, in bad times it has a short-term focus, limited and narrow scope, it is cost-and sales-driven and reactive. Panic is not the right reaction. Such difficult times should be overcome through methodical and well planned actions. After all, research has shown that those companies that take a proactive stance and treat the recession as an opportunity … Czytaj więcej »

Informational foundations for marketing decisions in the process of product commercialization

The process of product commercialization in the contemporary economy is usually associated with introducing innovations to the market and securing growth of sales of the new product, however, on the market this is usually a strategic view of the innovation’s position in the portfolio of products and taking advantage of its current and future potential for satisfying the needs and expectations of consumers on a competitive market, taking into consideration its character, external conditions and internal conditions of introduction, the choice of flexible market solutions and constant development of the innovation. In practice this imposes on companies, also on research … Czytaj więcej »

Implementing new marketing strategies in scientific and research institutions

The goal of this work is to show the character and dynamics of changes in the environment of companies and market institutions and highlighting the directions in which their marketing strategies are going as a response to new challenges. A detailed area of analysis is the sector of scientific, research and educational institutions, which has to adapt its activities to the requirements of the environment, taking advantage of the concept of relationship marketing and the concept of customer value management. In the work secondary sources of information in form of specialist publications and research results of specialized agencies, as well … Czytaj więcej »

Gamification and games, their potential for application in marketing strategies

The goal of this paper is to present the functioning of one of the latest marketing trends known as gamification, the analysis of games used in gamification systems in terms of their structure and mechanisms, as well as transferring gamification and games to the area of marketing activities. Gamification is the application of the structure and mechanics of games (points, rewards, levels, challenges, trophies) to the real world, in order to boost the engagement of users, change their behaviour and solve problems of various kinds. Only by achieving a high level of user engagement can we guarantee adequate growth of … Czytaj więcej »

Cultural context in marketing communication on international market

The goal of this article is to show in what way cultural factors can determine decisions in international marketing. Particular attention is devoted to the decisions associated with marketing communication,
that is, the way in which cultural factors influence our preferences concerning the style of communication and what two basic styles are distinguished within intercultural communication. On the basis of particular examples it will be shown on the one hand in what ways these styles are visible in various forms of marketing messages coming from various countries. On the other hand it will also be shown in what way these … Czytaj więcej »

Inbound marketing as an integral part of the marketing strategy of a modern enterprise

The essential premise of this publication is to define the benefits brought to modern enterprises by introduction of multi-channel marketing strategy, or inbound marketing, to their business.This article defines the factors and processes that influence the effective course of actions undertaken in the framework of inbound marketing.In addition, it is demonstrated how the importance of an organization changes, how its value and importance realistically increases as a result of applying the instruments provided by inbound marketing.  The purpose of the article is to present how the concept of inbound marketing is changing the perspective of looking at the modern marketing … Czytaj więcej »

Social Media Marketing – why businesses need to use it and how

The goal of this article is to show how and why it is important for businesses to not only understand social media marketing, but to also include it as an integral part of their marketing strategies. In this article will be set out some basic strategies for how to be successful in social media marketing and conclude with a more in-depth look at Facebook.

Ola Agbaimoni, M.Sc., Socialable, UK – was a Partner in Socialable Ltd. in London, UK, a social media company managing social media engagement for businesses. Ola’s background is in project management, regeneration, inward investment and … Czytaj więcej »