Research fields in the area of planning and implementation of internal and external public relations activities

Dariusz TworzydloThe article constitutes a presentation of the areas of research which can be used in course of planning and implementation of public relations activities in a company. Also, those which can be regarded as crucial and necessary have been highlighted. Research described in the article concerns to a large extent building image and relations with the representatives of a company’s environment. In the publication areas of research conducted by means of various techniques, e.g. CATI, CAWI have been presented. The material also presents a method which is supposed to systematize research projects. It makes it possible to use comprehensive data … Czytaj więcej »

Integrated marketing communication – concepts, practice, new challenges

The issue of integrated marketing communication in contemporary research is clearly evolving along with the development of markets, their participants and technologies. The goals of this article are: first of all, showing the evolution of models of integrated marketing communication (IMC) in light of the current research, second thing is analysing the configuration of various IMC tools (that is, traditional and Internet tools) which constitute a level of operationalization of IMC models and the third thing formulating implications for managers in the area of company and brand activities. The article is based on secondary sources related to research (scientific magazines) … Czytaj więcej »

Public relations – the tools for unilateral communication and dialogue on the Internet

Dariusz TworzydloThe development of technology and IT tools have brought about an extraordinary acceleration of the public relations branch around the whole world.  We live in the times of revolution in communication, in which one year is whole eternity. Messages, the speed of their publication, the tools are changing. The sender and the recipient, who have become used to the dynamics of the message and the fact that it is and will be distributed without spatial and temporal limitations, are changing too. Netscape browser,, the era of Wikipedia, Facebook, dynamically developing YouTube, or Nasza Klasa, Twitter and a whole range … Czytaj więcej »