Wearable technology in the perception of young consumers

- prof. dr hab. Bogdan Gregor, mgr Emilian Gwiaździński

The paper presents the issues of wearable technology, their role and use in the current economy. Ubiquitous digital transformation and universal access to broadband Internet are the foundation for the creation of interoperable ecosystems, where wearable technology is responsible for communication often in the relationship between machine to machine and machine to human. The authors researched the level of knowledge about these devices and the degree of their use. It turned out that despite the knowledge of worn devices and relatively positive attitudes, the degree of their use is low. The article is theoretical and empirical.

Bogdan Gregor, Prof., PhD, DSc., University of Lodz, Poland — is a full professor of economic sciences. Since 1992, he has headed the Marketing Department of the University of Lodz. He is the author and co-author of about 350 publications. He published, among others, in 2002 (co-author M. Stawiszyński) a pioneering e-Commerce book on the Polish publishing market, in 2014 the monograph Marketing Research for the Use of Managerial Decisions (co-author M. Kalińska-Kula), in 2016 two books: Blogs in the marketing communication process (co-author D. Kaczorowska-Spychalska) and Transfer of knowledge and technology from research organizations to enterprises (co-authors: D. Trzmielak, M. Grzegorczyk), in 2018 two works: Marketing in the digital technology era. Modern concepts and challenges (scientific co-editor and co-author of two chapters) and Market Intelligence as a programme to support decision-making processes in a modern enterprise (coauthor M. Kalińska-Kula). He held many responsible functions. He was, among others, Deputy Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz (1990–1994), one of the founders of the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz — its first and long-term dean (1994–2002, 2005–2008). In the years 2008–2016, he was the vice-rector of the University of Lodz for economic affairs, and in the years 2012–2016 he was the chairman of the University Financial Commission, the body of the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities. He is a scholarship holder of the Humboldt Foundation (1980–1982) and DAAD (1990). He has completed numerous scientific internships at American and Western European universities. He promoted 20 PhDs. He also promoted the honorary doctorate awarded to Professor Lee Preston from the University of Maryland (USA) by the University of Lodz. His research interests include broadly understood issues of marketing, with particular emphasis on the evolution of this scientific specialization and its new concepts, the role of marketing research in the management of a modern organization, as well as the use of new information and communication technologies in business (mainly in marketing activities).

Emilian Gwiaździński, M.Sc., University of Lodz, Poland — is an assistant and a PhD student at the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz and a winner of the award for the highest number of points in the recruitment procedure for the PhD studies for the academic year 2018/2019. His research interests focus on the transformation of the digital economy, digital technologies, wearables, the ecosystem of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, a new type of consumer in the market and new market opportunities. His doctoral dissertation, written under the direction of Prof. Bogdan Gregor (supervisor) and Dr. Dominika Kaczorowska-Spychalska (supporting supervisor), is devoted to the issues of the Internet of things ecosystem in creating the competitive advantage of an enterprise. He gave a lecture on labelling at the Academy of Young Economist — it was rated highest by the project students. He is actively involved in the activities of the doctoral community and performs many responsible functions — he is, among others, ViceChairman of the Faculty Council of PhD Students of the Faculty of Management, a member of the Commission for Social and Pedestrian Affairs, a representative of the Faculty of Management to the Council of Scientific Circles of the University of Lodz and a representative of doctoral students to the Council of the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2020-0017
Kontakt: km.wz@uni.lodz.pl, emilian.gwiazdzinski@uni.lodz.pl 
MINIB, 2020, Vol. 36, Issue 2

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