Image management with the use of virtual communication in crisis situations based on the example of the CD Projekt capital group

Image management in crisis situations is one of the most important functions, not only for a company’s team responsible for marketing, but also for its executives and strategists. Given today’s ubiquity of the Internet, crises spread faster than just a few years ago, making it important to halt them effectively with the help of virtual communication. This article first considers the theoretical fundamentals in the field of image management, defining the concept of crisis, its sources and phases. Next, the empirical part presents a profile of the company under consideration, CD Projekt, examining selected examples of the crisis situations in … Czytaj więcej »

Evaluation of selected online image-building activities by Polish universities

The purpose of this paper is to identify the online tools used by Polish universities and analyse to what extent these tools are used for image-related, communication, and marketing purposes. Based on our own analyses and desk research, we listed and then compared selected image-related activities carried out online by the higher education institutions rated as Poland’s top universities in the “Perspektywy Ranking”. We also extended our analysis to the universities rated as the world’s top universities, selected based on the Webometrics ranking, and identified a clear difference in trends. The online tools listed in this paper were evaluated in … Czytaj więcej »

Methods of Measuring the Effects of Public Relations Activities Applied by PR Specialists in Their Professional Work

The purpose of the article is to identify the ways in which Polish PR specialists measured the effects of their own
activities in the last year and to analyze the universality of application of specific solutions. A comparative analysis
was also conducted based on available research on the tools used by PR consultants. The research was conducted
by means of an auditorium questionnaire during the Congress of Public Relations Professionals in 2019. The research sample was comprised of representatives of various organizations operating on the Polish market, 253 respondents in total. Analyses have shown that the use of broadly understood … Czytaj więcej »

The role of crisis prevention from the perspective of the biggest polish companies and public relations agencies on the basis of expert research

The article constitutes a presentation of the results of research devoted to the current trends in crisis PR. The authors of the work made an attempt to diagnose crisis prevention in a cross-section of two dimensions. On the one hand the perspective of business (survey of companies) was presented and on the other hand experts’ opinions (survey of the leaders of public relations agencies) were shown. As a result of analyses a point model of an immune system, which takes into consideration the key instruments of crisis methodology (developed procedures in form of communication management book, dedicated anti-crisis structures in … Czytaj więcej »

Influencers as support for public relations campaigns

The article is a collection of analyses carried out on the basis of literature on the subject and data collected with the utilization of desk research method. It also presents conclusions from surveys conducted by means of a qualitative method – IDI technique – during the Congress of Public Relations Professionals, which took place in April 2018 in Rzeszów. In the group of respondents there were representatives of public relations branch who cooperate with influencers and on top of that have rich experience in the area of PR activities conducted by means of the Internet. The goal of this article … Czytaj więcej »

The measurement and evaluation of PR communication

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the importance of evaluation and measurement as a vital field of public relations campaigns. The author gives an insight into the existing literature relevant to the measurement approaches and evaluation of Public Relations programs. This paper also presents the advantages and disadvantages of three different models of measurement and evaluation of PR communication – AVEs, Barcelona Principles and AMEC’s (2015) new Integrated Evaluation framework. The author suggest that measurement and evaluation programs must be part of communication strategy but also it has to have a model, matrix or guideline for analysing … Czytaj więcej »

Research fields in the area of planning and implementation of internal and external public relations activities

Dariusz TworzydloThe article constitutes a presentation of the areas of research which can be used in course of planning and implementation of public relations activities in a company. Also, those which can be regarded as crucial and necessary have been highlighted. Research described in the article concerns to a large extent building image and relations with the representatives of a company’s environment. In the publication areas of research conducted by means of various techniques, e.g. CATI, CAWI have been presented. The material also presents a method which is supposed to systematize research projects. It makes it possible to use comprehensive data … Czytaj więcej »

Visual communication in Public Relations campaigns

This paper identifying the key components of effective campaigns inside PR and marketing landscape by describing the evidence for the power of visual communication.
Visual communication has many advantages and arguably the most important on is the ability to process information faster. It’s essential for connecting with audiences today, therefor PR campaigns strategy has to be elegant and well executed to capture and keep viewers’ attention or communicate quality and capability by using technologies to craft successful modern PR language. The fact that we live in a visual society and social media and mobile communication boost all types of visuals … Czytaj więcej »

Crisis management procedures and tools based on qualitative research

Dariusz TworzydloSelected procedures and tools that are used in crisis situations will be presented in this article. This presentation will be based on the results of qualitative research as well as the analysis of entries in selected reference literature that discuss the issue of preparing for crises and crisis management. The article aims to show that limited but effective crisis management is possible when it arrives but a far better approach is preparing the organisation for the eventuality of a crisis situation in a manner that facilitates reaction. However, effectiveness should be examined in two aspects in this case, firstly, preventing … Czytaj więcej »

Transmedia marketing and re-invention of public relations

Many concepts have been developed to describe the convergence of media, public relations and storytelling formats in contemporary media systems. This article presents a theoretical reflection on “transmedia storytelling” from a perspective of integration narrative in the context of the re-invention of public relations. The rapid evolution of digital media technology and the emergence of transmedia storytelling present foresight professionals with a powerful new approach for communicating about the future. A transmedia story unfolds across multiple media platforms with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole. Between other, this article also outlines some of the … Czytaj więcej »

Internet website as a tool of communication in scientific institutions

The aim of the article is to analyze the use of websites in communication activities and image building of national scientific institutions. One of the reasons for undertaking this subject is the greater attention paid to scientific communication and its link to the need for society involvement in research, that was expressed in the “Rome Declaration on Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe” in 2014. Apart from that, there is an enhanced science mediatization that requires from PR specialists an extra effort to ensure that their messages are not distorted. The subject seems to be vital as there is a … Czytaj więcej »

Public relations – the tools for unilateral communication and dialogue on the Internet

Dariusz TworzydloThe development of technology and IT tools have brought about an extraordinary acceleration of the public relations branch around the whole world.  We live in the times of revolution in communication, in which one year is whole eternity. Messages, the speed of their publication, the tools are changing. The sender and the recipient, who have become used to the dynamics of the message and the fact that it is and will be distributed without spatial and temporal limitations, are changing too. Netscape browser,, the era of Wikipedia, Facebook, dynamically developing YouTube, or Nasza Klasa, Twitter and a whole range … Czytaj więcej »

Success factors and limitations of efficient internal communication

The article covers the key issues of internal communication within an organization. It highlights the benefits of implementation of transparent communication principles for a company. It identifies objectives and presents selected communication tools. In the article, also guidelines for carrying out research in the context of development of an internal communication strategy can be found. Selected research areas of the process of planning and implementation of strategic assumptions have been presented. Factors limiting effective implementation of an internal communication strategy have been discussed.

Dariusz Tworzydło, Ph.D. – Chairman of the Institute for Information Society Development, Poland, and Chief Executive Officer Czytaj więcej »

Analytical and critical thinking skills in public relations

This article presents more or less independent reasons why analytical and critical thinking skills should be essential part of public relations. Generally, it is considered that the analytical and critical thinking skills are part of public relations, as well as creative thinking, but they should be considered separately and given the codes of ethics of the profession used as initial criteria. For the purpose of the study, in this article is presented the result of the survey in which determine importance of using analytical and critical thinking skills in the implementation of PR projects. The second aim in the survey … Czytaj więcej »

New social communication toward the relational capital creation

Corporate social responsibility is an example of an approach to management that emphasizes the importance of organization’s influence exerted by the company on a number of diverse groups called stakeholders. CSR sets new functions for social communication. In this paper chosen examples of social activities communication of Polish mining companies has been addressed. The main risks for the use of contemporary forms of communication as well as possibilities which are the results of application of modern management model has been indicated.

Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór, M.Sc., Central Mining Institute, Poland – spokeswoman for the Central Mining Institute, PhD student at the Institute Czytaj więcej »

Media relations – promoting scientific and research institutions in the media in Poland and Europe

Media are one of key intermediaries for dissemination of information and one of the most effective tools of promotion. They allow us to get our message across both to a broad group of recipients and a profiled recipient adequate for the subject, content and character of the provided message. The essence of information reaching the recipients through the media is the credibility, trust and impartiality attributed to it and thus its strength. For this reason building relations with the media is so important in public relations. Taking into consideration the fact that media to a large extent form the awareness … Czytaj więcej »

Crisis management via social media

The increasing popularity of social media gives businesses a wide spectrum of possibilities to enter into dialogue and interaction with consumers, to better understand their needs, to build durable relations with clients and to maintain brand communities. Thanks to social media, content may be transmitted with unprecedented speed when it „goes viral”. The consumer has been undergoing change too, now expecting instant answers to all his questions and doubts and more often than ever expressing complaints about a company in the media sphere of the internet. All these factors combine to give organizations new challenges to face. Overcoming these requires … Czytaj więcej »

New technologies in public relations

The article includes an analysis and presentation of selected examples of communication tools, which are used in companies to create and maintain relationships with internal and external environment. The problems related with definition of public relations were also discussed. The article presents the advantage and negative consequences of the use of modern tools of PR, as well.

Dariusz Tworzydło, PhD., Exacto, Poland – is director of the managing board of the public relations agency Exacto and director of the managing board of the Institute for Development of Information Society. In the years 2008-2012 he was member of the Public Relations … Czytaj więcej »

Creative communication in public relations activities

This article discusses several approaches to new waves of public relations. Emphasis is given to the creative impulse since many public relations professionals are less familiar with it than other forms of communication. Five criteria are suggested for structuring creative communications: 1. learning how to be a good storyteller; 2. visual communication is the content that could increasingly build strong relationships with audiences; 3. the PR practitioner’s challenge is to evaluate what people are discussing and identify the recurring issues in their marketplace; 4. recognizing that local is new global; and 5. predicate that PR is constantly changing. People who … Czytaj więcej »

How to cooperate efficiently with the media in situation of crisis – case study

The essence of this article is to show the differences and the degree of difficulty in standard and crisis communication. Communication that we use every day in cooperation with the media should serve as the basis and contribution to obtaining certain efficiency of information distribution, which will pay off in a crisis situation. Rescuing a dog named Baltic could prove to be a major crisis in the history of the NMFRI. There were many threats and decisions that could be regarded as unfavourable for the Institute — is it allowed and for the sake of what — to threaten health … Czytaj więcej »