Determinants of student governments’ promotional activity

The subject of marketing activity of students’ governments hasn’t been present in scientific literature up till now. There have been only few publications devoted to chosen areas of functioning of students’ organizations. However, they generally skipped the promotional dimension. In association with this, the goal of this article is partially filling the existing gap by highlighting the factors which determine the effects achieved when students’ governments communicate with the environment. On the basis of own participatory observations and experiences gathered during many years of participating in the work of the student government of a Polish university, the authors have identified … Czytaj więcej »

Utilization of integrated marketing communication for the introduction of a new brand to the market. Case study of „Eko Patrol” of the Central Mining Institute

The concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC) combines diverse marketing tools for the purpose of securing transparency, coherence and maximization of the impact of communication. This, by assumption, bilateral, controlled flow of information between an organization and its partners makes it possible to build a coherent context of the conveyed messages, which influences the image and efficient positioning of the brand. The choice of appropriate IMC tools depends not just on the group of target recipients, but it also varies in different stages of the life cycle of product, or service.
In the article the experiences of the Central Mining … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing determinants of the choice of field of studies

  Considerations presented in this article are aimed at giving an answer to the following research question – Which elements of universities’ marketing activity influence the acquisition of students the most? The presented research question arises from the goal defined for the research which involved finding clues concerning the way of conducting marketing activities enabling the acquisition of a number of new students satisfying the strategy of a university. Additionally, the answer to the question formulated this way will be juxtaposed with new reality of the functioning of universities in Poland, which is associated with changes introduced by the Ministry of … Czytaj więcej »

How to effectively promote universities and research institutes in the network? Psychological mechanisms of e-marketing effectiveness.

karol wolskiUniversities and research institutes more and more often resort to promotion tools up till now used mainly in business. Omnipresent market competition has reached also the area of science, where more and more often the fight for students and money for scientific research takes place. Competition among science institutions is additionally stimulated by demographic factors – the gradual aging of the European society. As data from the Central Statistical Office show, the number of peopled aged 19-24 in Poland will drop from 2,817,000 in 2015 to 2,135,000 in 2025. The reduction of the number of young people will substantially boost … Czytaj więcej »

Popularization of science as a marketing tool exemplified by “Paths of Copernicus” – a programme funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

This article concerns the project Mine Surfers (2013-2014) carried out by the EMAG Institute of Innovative Technologies within a programme funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The authors present the positive marketing effects resulting from the project. In the case study, they describe the project against the backdrop of activities undertaken by other project teams. As well as the issues related to the execution of the project as such, focus was also placed on operations aiming for project promotion as well as popularising research and educational activities. Finally, the results of media monitoring with respect to the … Czytaj więcej »

Modern library and the promotion of a scientific institution

Library has for centuries been associated with books arranged systematically on shelves, ubiquitous silence and dust. Despite constant changes taking place in libraries, they are still regarded as outdated, archaic creations. The history of libraries dating back to the third millennium B.C. and the moment of introduction of printing presses (15-16th century) is evidence of very small social coverage. Since the end of the 20th century libraries and library services have been under strong pressure of the development of science and technology, that’s why adapting to the surrounding world they are experiencing „a new start”1. Apart from previous functions: collecting, … Czytaj więcej »

ICT platform as a marketing tool of a scientific unit from the food-agricultural branch

In the age of dynamically developing market economy, research and development units are treated as companies, which offer results of scientific research projects they have conducted. Currently, the potential of marketing is very strong and offers many useful tools. Among the most popular are: publications, advertising materials, sponsored articles, participation in branch fairs and exhibitions, as well as holding conferences. Due to the rapid development of IT technologies, the significance of reaching potential clients through application of appropriate ICT tools (e.g. website, electronic databases, videoconferences, e-learning, etc.) is growing. This has special importance in scientific units from the food and … Czytaj więcej »

Geoinformation as a form of promotion of scientific research

In the contemporary world the amount of information is growing at an exponential rate. Currently, it is growing annually by 66%. This creates an ever growing problem of finding reliable information, including the results of research work. At the same time various systems facilitating search are emerging. A major part of the information generated is associated with the location and is called geoinformation. Using geoinformation is important not only in various decision-making processes, but also constitutes the basis of effective management on various levels and facilitates the process of social consultation. Nevertheless, just as in the case of other information … Czytaj więcej »

TrendBook 2014

TrendBook 2014 by Polish marketing expert Natalia Hatalska presents an analysis of the five top trends for the next year. We highly recommend this thought provoking and inspiring book, and her blog:





Natalia Hatalska about her TrendBook 2014:

” In this year’s TrendBook, you will find the following chapters:

  1. Internet of Places – the trend is closely related to the development of the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Bluetooth Smart technology. It enables our mobile devices to recognize context in which they are, so they can be really intelligent. Today, the Holy Grail of this
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Blogs in cultural institutions

This article discusses examples of three blogs of the National Library, both in terms of their structure and content as highlighting elements that impact on the promotion of both the blog and the institutions they lead. Discussed the advantages of one of Poland’s most popular blogging platforms WordPress. It also presents a short briefings to customize the look of your blog based on WordPress platform needs to actuate the institution.

Michał Kaczyński, M.Sc. Eng., National Library, Poland – programmer, graduate of the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, specialization – computer science.  He has worked … Czytaj więcej »