Searching for and perception of information by consumers in the light of the sustainable consumption idea — on the example of food markets

The aim of this paper is to present the sources of information about food, the cost of collecting the information and the perception of messages by consumers in the light of the sustainable food consumption idea. We used primary materials from a direct, personal survey which were later analyzed with the use of Berelson’s content analysis method. We found that a consumer shows low interest in sourcing the information about sustainable food consumption. The most credible, from the consumer’s point of view, information about food, consumption and the food market, comes from reports and scientific papers, as well as from … Czytaj więcej »

Fourth industrial revolution and managers’ cognitive competences

The purpose of this article is defining the cognitive competences (cognitive, character-related and social), which in our opinion managers should have under conditions of the fourth industrial revolution (economy 4.0). We pay particular attention to the function of innovation marketer, that is, a specialist whose role is acting as an agent between the sphere of business and the sphere of science (research and development). This relation conditioning the innovativeness of companies to a large extent determines the success of the economy 4.0 project.

Professor Lidia Białoń, Warsaw Management University, Poland – The head of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship Czytaj więcej »

Development of virtual reality technology in the aspect of educational applications

In the recent years we have observed the development of devices and visualizations for monitoring the activity of a user (movement and position) in a virtual environment. Along with the growing utilization of personal computers for visualization and rapid development of computer image generation in real time, universities, following the latest trends used in science, are looking for solutions to reach students through  the senses of: sight, hearing and touch. We should take into consideration the diversity of students’ styles and strategies of learning, that’s why the use of virtual reality (VR) in education is a response to the … Czytaj więcej »

The role of marketing of higher education institutions in creating the image of cities and regions

Education is one of the most important elements of the contemporary world. It constitutes the foundation of development and the direction of development of particular areas. The progress of civilization associated with, among others, the development of information technology, has caused a transition from an industrial society to information society. Currently information and knowledge are the basic elements of efficient functioning of companies, institutions and individuals. Information has become a commodity, which is often treated as a more precious commodity than material goods. In a society based on knowledge, in which we live, there is a constant need for improvement … Czytaj więcej »

The information determinants in marketing of a research and scientific institution

The article deals with information – based marketing of scientific research institutes, which has been named SAVE (Solution – Access – Value – Education). A proper use of marketing instruments requires information assets which are defined in terms of the essence, the scope and the form of the defined information needs. The essence, the form and the pattern of information needs in reference to SAVE has been defined and described in the case of scientific research institute. The specification of needs for each instrument and for various market participants has been included into the description.

Prof. Bogdan Sojkin, University of Czytaj więcej »