Evaluation of selected online image-building activities by Polish universities

The purpose of this paper is to identify the online tools used by Polish universities and analyse to what extent these tools are used for image-related, communication, and marketing purposes. Based on our own analyses and desk research, we listed and then compared selected image-related activities carried out online by the higher education institutions rated as Poland’s top universities in the “Perspektywy Ranking”. We also extended our analysis to the universities rated as the world’s top universities, selected based on the Webometrics ranking, and identified a clear difference in trends. The online tools listed in this paper were evaluated in … Czytaj więcej »

Utilization of integrated marketing communication for the introduction of a new brand to the market. Case study of „Eko Patrol” of the Central Mining Institute

The concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC) combines diverse marketing tools for the purpose of securing transparency, coherence and maximization of the impact of communication. This, by assumption, bilateral, controlled flow of information between an organization and its partners makes it possible to build a coherent context of the conveyed messages, which influences the image and efficient positioning of the brand. The choice of appropriate IMC tools depends not just on the group of target recipients, but it also varies in different stages of the life cycle of product, or service.
In the article the experiences of the Central Mining … Czytaj więcej »

Factors determining effective cooperation of companies with scientific-research units

The goal of this article is to present and analyse factors which influence the success of cooperation between science and business. An inspiration for this article were the results of research conducted in 2015-2016 by a scientific team of Warsaw Management School. The research concerned the problem of low level of innovativeness of Polish economy. The purpose of the research was to identify the obstacles for innovativeness resulting from flawed policies of the state, companies’ activities and actions taken by scientific-research institutions. On the basis of obtained conclusions recommendations concerning possible solutions that could allow to change the unfavourable situation, … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing communication of airports as a factor determining the choice of airport by polish and foreign passengers

In the contemporary economy an important aspect of functioning of every organization is the efficiency of conducted communication activities. They play a key role in the process of creating the desired image of an organization, which influences the purchasing decisions of consumers, including the choice of airport by passengers. The factors determining positive and negative opinions of passengers about airports should be a plane for the search for unique values (benefits) for particular airports, which will allow to distinguish the offer of an airport on an ever more competitive transport market. The article presents factors which influence the formation of … Czytaj więcej »

Internet website as a tool of communication in scientific institutions

The aim of the article is to analyze the use of websites in communication activities and image building of national scientific institutions. One of the reasons for undertaking this subject is the greater attention paid to scientific communication and its link to the need for society involvement in research, that was expressed in the “Rome Declaration on Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe” in 2014. Apart from that, there is an enhanced science mediatization that requires from PR specialists an extra effort to ensure that their messages are not distorted. The subject seems to be vital as there is a … Czytaj więcej »

Public relations – the tools for unilateral communication and dialogue on the Internet

Dariusz TworzydloThe development of technology and IT tools have brought about an extraordinary acceleration of the public relations branch around the whole world.  We live in the times of revolution in communication, in which one year is whole eternity. Messages, the speed of their publication, the tools are changing. The sender and the recipient, who have become used to the dynamics of the message and the fact that it is and will be distributed without spatial and temporal limitations, are changing too. Netscape browser, wp.pl, the era of Wikipedia, Facebook, dynamically developing YouTube, or Nasza Klasa, Twitter and a whole range … Czytaj więcej »

The internationalisation of marketing in the education and research sector

M Pluta Olearnik


A growing number of entities operating in the Polish sector of higher education and science and research aspire to have an active presence in foreign markets and even in the global market. This presence must be accompanied by thoughtful marketing strategies using effective marketing tools. The aim of the article is to indicate the possibility of using the knowledge of international marketing to increase the efficiency of the entities of the Polish sector of education and research. Particular attention was paid to the intercultural nature of the international marketing, especially in relation to the system to communicate with foreign … Czytaj więcej »

Success factors in the processes of commercialization of knowledge – relational and communicational aspect

The aim of the article is to identify the ways of communication that increase the chances of researchers being at different stages of a scientific career to collaborate with companies. Inefficient communication and the closeness of research units to the environment are considered to be the greatest barriers to the development of R&D cooperation between science and industry. Lack of knowledge results in the formation of negative stereotypes on both young and senior researchers. The former are considered incompetent, while the latter – too little interested in cooperation with companies or holding high financial expectations. However, according to the research … Czytaj więcej »

New social communication toward the relational capital creation

Corporate social responsibility is an example of an approach to management that emphasizes the importance of organization’s influence exerted by the company on a number of diverse groups called stakeholders. CSR sets new functions for social communication. In this paper chosen examples of social activities communication of Polish mining companies has been addressed. The main risks for the use of contemporary forms of communication as well as possibilities which are the results of application of modern management model has been indicated.

Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór, M.Sc., Central Mining Institute, Poland – spokeswoman for the Central Mining Institute, PhD student at the Institute Czytaj więcej »

Event marketing as one of the forms of marketing innovation in scientific and research institutions

Far-reaching changes taking place in Poland over the recent years, a time of strong competition and tough market rules in all branches forces companies to resort to more effective marketing management. The imposed pace and the skill of adapting to new situations are becoming a real challenge. A company which wants to strengthen or maintain its position on the market has to constantly adapt to the needs and requirements of consumers and to the changing situation on the market. Scientific and research institutions are trying to find their place in the market economy. Many of them manage to achieve high … Czytaj więcej »

Educational fairs as a form of promotion of higher education institutions

The upcoming decline in birth rates combined with increasing numbers of high school leavers deciding to study abroad force Polish universities to engage in intense marketing activities. Educational fairs are one of the instruments allowing for effective communication with future students. However, in order to take full advantage of the participation in educational fairs, universities need to be well prepared by applying the rules of exhibition marketing and taking into account the specific character of educationoriented exhibition events. The main goal of this paper is to identify the characteristic features of educational fairs. A good understanding of the character of … Czytaj więcej »

Image development in the Internet – opportunities and threats

The paper discusses issues related to communication via the Internet in the process of building an organization’s image. The authors focus on the preparatory actions and strategic decisions that need to be taken so that long-term communication with Internet users could lead to expected results. The authors also point out to possibilities and ways of using the available tools and present in the selected case studies successful image-enhancing actions. When on 1 January 1983 a decision was taken to merge the ARPAnet and CSNET, giving rise to the Internet, hardy anyone realised the world was about to change beyond recognition. … Czytaj więcej »

International marketing communication – cultural context

Every year thousands of products and services are introduced to foreign markets. Countless marketing actions with an international reach are taken. Up to 85% of these actions fail, in most cases due to misunderstandings with an intercultural background. The illusion of a world without boundaries made many companies and organizations disregard the role of intercultural differences in course of their international actions. As a result, the achieved results are in many cases far from expectations. These experiences have shown that taking all sorts of commercial actions (and not only) with an international reach, it is necessary to pay particular attention … Czytaj więcej »

Model technology platform for cooperation of research centres with the business sector

One of the ways of facilitating communication between the research and scientific sector and the business sector is to establish network forms of cooperation. Network is understood as a long-term relationship between partners connected through ventures which define the scope of their cooperation. International experience shows that network forms of cooperation are beneficial both for science and business: they intensify the processes of commercialization; level out negative phenomena on the labour market; and boost company competitiveness. Around the world the share of companies declaring that they cooperate with scientists amounts to 75-80%. In Poland the scale of cooperation between these … Czytaj więcej »

Universities in Poland in the eyes of public opinion – current state and expectations in light of research

This paper presents the most important conclusions from public opinion polls and knowledge about Polish universities. The poll was conducted by direct survey in respondents’ homes. The survey was carried out on a representative sample of 1135 inhabitants of Poland at the end of 2011 and at the beginning of 2012. The survey was conducted using a specially prepared questionnaire containing mainly open questions, focusing on the knowledge and opinions of the surveyed concerning Polish universities. Due to the lack of comparable research concerning Polish universities, the survey presented here is the first attempt to empirically respond to certain scientific … Czytaj więcej »

The role of science and technology parks in communication processes between research institutions and industry

Among the ways to bridge the gap between the research communities and the industry, one of the best known are the Science and Technology Parks. The scope of the offered services, the scale of operations and their revenues vary considerably. The largest parks gather companies, whose revenues may reach billions of dollars. Achieving such success requires, from the park operators, much more than offering attractive prices for office space. Moreover, it requires well-coordinated activities, based on a long term vision, from the central governments. The paper presents an analysis of the factors determining the success or fiasco of science and … Czytaj więcej »

Implementation of analyses based on social media data for marketing purposes in academic and scientific organizations in practice – opportunities and limitations

The article is focused on the issue of practice use of analyses, based on data collected in social media, for institutions’ communication and marketing purposes. The subject is being discussed from the perspective of Digital Darwinism — situation, when development of technologies and new means of communication is significantly faster than growth in the knowledge and digital skills among organizations eager to implement those solutions. To diminish negative consequences of Digital Darwinism institutions can broaden their knowledge with analyses of data from cyber space to optimize operations, and make use of running dialog and cooperation with prosuments to face dynamic … Czytaj więcej »

Creative communication in public relations activities

This article discusses several approaches to new waves of public relations. Emphasis is given to the creative impulse since many public relations professionals are less familiar with it than other forms of communication. Five criteria are suggested for structuring creative communications: 1. learning how to be a good storyteller; 2. visual communication is the content that could increasingly build strong relationships with audiences; 3. the PR practitioner’s challenge is to evaluate what people are discussing and identify the recurring issues in their marketplace; 4. recognizing that local is new global; and 5. predicate that PR is constantly changing. People who … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing automation processes as a way to improve contemporary marketing of a company

The main aim of this article is to identify the possibilities which are given to contemporary companies thanks to the usage of processes included in marketing automation system. This publication deals with the key aspects of this issue. Its shows how the importance of the organization changes, how its value increases, as a result of using the tools which are provided by the processes included in the concept of marketing automation. This article defines the factors and processes which influence an effective course of actions taken as a part of marketing automation. Because the concept of marketing automation is a … Czytaj więcej »