Determinants of student governments’ promotional activity

- Justyna Bryk, M.Sc., Marcin Gębarowski, Ph.D.

The subject of marketing activity of students’ governments hasn’t been present in scientific literature up till now. There have been only few publications devoted to chosen areas of functioning of students’ organizations. However, they generally skipped the promotional dimension. In association with this, the goal of this article is partially filling the existing gap by highlighting the factors which determine the effects achieved when students’ governments communicate with the environment. On the basis of own participatory observations and experiences gathered during many years of participating in the work of the student government of a Polish university, the authors have identified three main determinants of efficient marketing communication of students’ governments. Among these three factors there are: the attitude and engagement of students, the choice of contents and promotion tools (forming the system of communicating with the environment), the available financial resources. Each of the three mentioned elements has been presented in detail. Among others, the typology of people engaged in promotional activity of students’ organizations has been presented. Also, the contents that should be conveyed to diversified groups in the environment of students’ governments have been defined. Taking into consideration the fact that this paper is the first work of its kind devoted to the promotional activity of students’ governments, it serves as an introduction to the subject areas and may constitute a basis for deeper exploration of the subject in future theoretical and research works.

Justyna Bryk, M.Sc., Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland – graduate of the Faculty of Management of Rzeszów University of Technology, currently marketing and client service specialist in Studio Filmowe Fotoacc. During studies she devoted most of her time to activity in student organizations – such as Students’ Government of Rzeszów University of Technology and Students’ Science Club of Marketing Communication “Brief”. She worked in them in various positions, among others, member of management and deputy chairman of Students’ Government of Rzeszów University of Technology and the president of the Science club. She coordinated many cultural, entertainment, sports, charity and scientific projects. Her professional life is linked to marketing and her main professional interests are designing marketing strategies, including brand strategies.

Marcin Gębarowski, Ph.D., Kraków University of Economics, Poland – currently assistant professor in the Department of Process Management of the Faculty of Commodity Science and Product Management of Kraków University of Economics. Earlier he studied at Rzeszów University of Technology and was an assistant professor in the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Management at Rzeszów University of Technology. During studies he participated actively in the works of students’ government and students’ science clubs. For about a dozen years he has been dealing with the issues of marketing communication. In magazines and academic publications he has published almost 200 articles devoted to, among others, fairs, advertising and non-standard forms of promotion. He’s an author, co-author, or editor of the following books: „Internet na usługach marketingu”, „Nowoczesne formy promocji”, „Marketing. Doświadczenia i trendy”, „Współczesne targi. Skuteczne narzędzie komunikacji marketingowej”, „Food Products Marketing: Concepts and Research”, „B2B Relationship Marketing Management in Trade Fair Activity”).

DOI: 10.14611/MINIB.30.12.2018.10
Contact: jbryk.praca(at), marcin.gebarowski(at)
MINIB, 2018, Vol. 30, Issue 4

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