The use of mobile applications in the marketing communication process by airlines

The aviation industry is a challenge for marketing professionals due to the high dynamics of information. Airlines strive for more and more effective communication with the passenger. The specificity of this industry is also a challenge for mobile app developers who update more often than companies in other industries.
The aim of the article will discuss the process of building relationships, effective communication with the customer in the market of passenger air services using mobile applications. This problem has not until now been the subject of both literature studies and empirical research. The source materials of the study will be … Czytaj więcej »

Mobile marketing in the process of building value for generation Y on the tourist market

In 2017 the youngest consumers qualifying for the Y/millennials generation in Poland (people born between 1984 and 1997) will be 20 years old. InPoland it is a group of about 9 million people who are in the stage of life cycle characterized by high dynamics of growth of product and service consumption. Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a key role in the life of Y-generation. They influence the decision-making process and formation of the purchasing process on the market. An area using ICT technologies is the continuously growing set of instruments of mobile marketing, in particular in the area … Czytaj więcej »

The role of knowledge management in mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing channels of marketing information. Mobile terminal devices and mobile networks allow for mass personalisation of content transmitted to individual recipients thereby facilitating recipient segmentation within one-to-one marketing. Mobile marketing means using interactive wireless media to provide clients with personal information with precise profiling using geo-location, time, and often associated with their interests, sex or other attributes, promoting goods, services and ideas, thus, also generating added value for all the process participants. Mobile media has completely transformed the present concept of marketing campaigns and has opened up a wide array of new opportunities … Czytaj więcej »