HR Excellence in Research as an attribute of scientific institutions’ competitiveness

- Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór Ph.D.

What plays a major role in the process of building the competitiveness of an organization is not just the ability to adapt to the changing conditions in the environment, but also acquiring characteristics distinguishing it, which make it possible to keep, or improve its position on the market. What may be such a handicap for […]

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Traineeships industrial and professional practice as effective mechanism of marketing of the scientific and research institute

- Krzysztof Szafran Sc.D.

The following paper presents executed at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw student internship program and a program of industrial internships for young researchers technical universities of the country and from abroad. Many years of experience staff and a modern database of certified, modern laboratories can convey knowledge, the level of which is highly esteemed […]

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The cooperation between universities as a way to build strong business and scientific units

- Kamila Peszko Ph.D.

More and more frequently in the literature you can meet the described cooperation between the university and the business environment. These projects relate both to joint research, raising funds in the framework of EU grants, practices, internships for students, graduates and employees of the university, preparation of expert reports, prototypes, diagnoses, matching the educational offer […]

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Lecturers as an element of higher education marketing

- Professor Mirosława Pluta-Olearnik

The goal of this article is to identify the scope and results of already conducted research on the perception of lecturers from the internal and external perspective of Polish universities , as well as to assess the utilization of these resources in light of the marketing knowledge of a service organization. Research methods used for […]

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Outer image of university in the role of employer as the base of segmentation of young potential employees

- Professor Agnieszka Izabela Baruk, Anna Goliszek PhD

In the article problems of outer image of university as employer are presented. In the theoretical part the gap of knowledge in this scope is identified. It must be underlined that employer image is analysed relatively more seldom than product image or offeror image. It is presented rather in the case of enterprises not in […]

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Marketing communication of airports as a factor determining the choice of airport by polish and foreign passengers

- Zbigniew Spyra Ph.D., Olgierd Witczak Ph.D.

In the contemporary economy an important aspect of functioning of every organization is the efficiency of conducted communication activities. They play a key role in the process of creating the desired image of an organization, which influences the purchasing decisions of consumers, including the choice of airport by passengers. The factors determining positive and negative […]

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Marketing Trends 2017

An improving economy. Higher employment. A curious presidential election in the United States. The mainstreaming of powerful new technologies like machine learning. One thing is for sure: 2016 wasn’t dull. It was an exciting year for marketers, too, with new tools and new tactics making significant inroads in both the consumer and B2B sectors. Moving […]

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5 Ways To Listen To Your Customers And Increase Sales

A couple years back when I was still working in the corporate world I was asked to help determine what the customer wanted from the company. My initial thought was,”What did I get myself into?” It was my job to listen to what the customer wanted. Yikes! So I went out to a couple stores […]

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How to write a peer review for an academic journal: Six steps from start to finish

PhD2Published has several informative posts about writing journal articles, and more recently has featured a post outlining a potentially revolutionary collaborative peer review process for this kind of publishing. Todays post offers an alternative perspective; that of the journal article peer reviewer. Doing peer reviews provides important experience for those writing their own papers and […]

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Content Marketing & SEO: The Bigger Picture

Working to integrate your SEO and content marketing efforts? Columnist Trond Lyngbø discusses the benefits and challenges of marrying these two disciplines and explains how to succeed. SEOs have long wondered how blog posts from Bufferapp consistently topped search engines and attracted huge audiences for free… until their content team drew back the curtains and […]

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Why do we write research papers?

1. Why do research? » to contribute to human knowledge and society 2. We write to teach others what we have learned » so they can use and build on our work 3. And to help us organize our thoughts and structure the research 4. It’s NOT to impress others with how smart we are […]

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