Networking of research institutes in some European countries

- Renata Barcikowska, Ph.D.

Analysing the functioning of research-development units in some European countries, it is necessary to take into consideration legal-organizational conditions for their operation within the structures of science in a given country. In the recent years networking of research institutes has become an international trend and in Poland it has become a solution promoted by government […]

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Research fields in the area of planning and implementation of internal and external public relations activities

- Professor Dariusz Tworzydło

The article constitutes a presentation of the areas of research which can be used in course of planning and implementation of public relations activities in a company. Also, those which can be regarded as crucial and necessary have been highlighted. Research described in the article concerns to a large extent building image and relations with […]

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Using crowdsourcing for research projects

- Katarzyna Lisek, MA

The phenomenon of crowdsourcing – enabling the crowd to get involved in the activities of an organization by means of new media (Estelles – Arolas, Gonzales – Lordon – de – Guevara, 2012) – is drawing the attention of research teams. It is successfully used by the biggest scientific centres both in case of life […]

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The reasons of lack of young potential employees’ interest in an university as an employer and their changes in 2016-2018 years

- Professor Agnieszka Izabela Baruk

The article is theoretical-empirical in character. In the theoretical part on the basis of the results of cognitive-critical analysis of literature on the subject the chosen aspects associated with the role of the university as an employer and with the way universities can efficiently attract young people as potential employees are discussed. Attention was paid […]

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Knowledge and innovations as factors of organizational development – an integrated approach

- Jerzy Baruk, Ph.D. Eng

Contemporary organizations function in a stormy and competitive environment, that’s why they have to look for efficient methods for own development. One of such methods is the systemic creation of facilitating and radical innovations, as well as implementing them in particular functional areas. Efficient creation of innovations treated as an important factor for the development […]

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Typology of young potential employees depending on reasons of their aversion toward an university as an employer

- prof. nadzw. dr hab. Agnieszka Izabela Baruk, dr Anna Goliszek

The article is theoretical-empirical in character. For the preparation of the theoretical part the method of cognitive-critical analysis of literature on the subject from the area of marketing and management was used. On the basis of the results of this analysis it is possible to conclude that there is a cognitive and research gap with […]

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The use of mobile applications in the marketing communication process by airlines

- Anna Szymczak, M.Sc.

The airline industry constitutes a challenge for marketing specialists due to high dynamics of provision of information. Airlines strive to communicate more and more effectively with the passenger. The specific character of the branch also constitutes a challenge for mobile application developers, who update them more often than applications of companies from other branches. The […]

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How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

Most small business owners know the importance of a business plan, which outlines your company’s course for success. One crucial element of that plan is your marketing strategy. Because this strategy is buried in the larger business plan, many small business owners may not give marketing the time, research and attention it deserves, assuming that […]

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4 Tips For Effective And Affordable Lead Generation

Lead generation is at the heart of every digital marketing endeavor. You simply cannot grow an online business without it. But getting lead generation right takes finesse. “Think about it,” says Ashley Walsh, VP of Marketing at Formstack, an online form building solution based in Indianapolis. “The ultimate goal is to generate high-quality leads that […]

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Twitter for Business: Everything You Need to Know

Social media is an important tool for any business owner, no matter the size and scope of the business. Learning to communicate with your demographic, albeit in 140 characters, can be useful when working with your customers. Learning more about Twitter can only benefit your business. Twitter is one of the top websites in the […]

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How to Use Facebook Retargeting and Custom Audiences to Drive Sales

We’re always looking for innovative ways to drive sales. One simple step which people often overlook is the potential purchasing power of your existing audience. It can be expensive to market to people who know nothing about your product, but less expensive to increase the lifetime value of your existing customers. When Facebook first released […]

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Investing in Social Media Advertising

Previously we wrote about getting started with social media, and together with what we have written about achieving social success, you should be able to create a dynamic presence on several social media platforms. But this does not guarantee that everything you post will be seen by a large number of your followers, or that […]

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