Building a platform for scientific-research cooperation under circumstances of realized asymmetry of potential

- Professor Witold Wiśniowski

Growing complexity of the environment arising both from the processes of globalization in world economy and from the development processes in Poland has become a strategic challenge for the Institute of Aviation. Significant disproportions of the potential of Poland, compared to Germany, United States, or China (especially in terms of the economic dimension and the […]

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Public financing of research projects in Poland – its image and consequences?

- Marzena Feldy Ph.D.

Both the size of appropriation as well as their distribution have had a  profound impact on the shape and activities of the science sector. The creation of a fair system of distribution of public resources to research that will also facilitate the effective implementation of the pursued scientific policy goals represents a major challenge. The […]

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Marketing activities in the area of micronization services

- Barbara Sołtysik M.Sc. Eng., Weronika Pyśniak M.Sc. Eng., Marzena Pysz M.Sc. Eng.

Under conditions of constantly growing competition, what is becoming a key problem is keeping the previously acquired clients. Their trust in the provider and regularly repeated purchases are an expression of the efficiency of marketing activities conducted by companies. What is becoming a measure of success is the satisfaction and loyalty of buyers. Companies spend […]

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Crisis management procedures and tools based on qualitative research

- Professor Dariusz Tworzydło

Selected procedures and tools that are used in crisis situations will be presented in this article. This presentation will be based on the results of qualitative research as well as the analysis of entries in selected reference literature that discuss the issue of preparing for crises and crisis management. The article aims to show that […]

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Cooperation of a university with business practice

- Professor Bogdan Sojkin, Sylwia Michalak Ph.D.

The article presents forms of cooperation and social benefits resulting from cooperation between universities and business practice. Basic kinds and directions of mutual relations arising from common areas of interest, possibilities, needs and conditions for the functioning of each side, have been presented. Solutions carried out by universities with the participation of business practice have […]

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Transmedia marketing and re-invention of public relations

- Dalibor Jakus M.Sc., Krešimir Zubčić M.Sc.

Many concepts have been developed to describe the convergence of media, public relations and storytelling formats in contemporary media systems. This article presents a theoretical reflection on “transmedia storytelling” from a perspective of integration narrative in the context of the re-invention of public relations. The rapid evolution of digital media technology and the emergence of […]

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The use of content marketing strategy tools in the Polish research institutes

- Witold Świeczak M.Sc.

In the article were described issues associated with the use by scientific institutions content marketing strategy tools. This article shows the extent to which tools of modern marketing are used in the Internet communication by scientific institutions. Currently content marketing concept is accepted not only as a fashionable trend of modern marketing but above all, […]

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5 Ways To Listen To Your Customers And Increase Sales

A couple years back when I was still working in the corporate world I was asked to help determine what the customer wanted from the company. My initial thought was,”What did I get myself into?” It was my job to listen to what the customer wanted. Yikes! So I went out to a couple stores […]

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How to write a peer review for an academic journal: Six steps from start to finish

PhD2Published has several informative posts about writing journal articles, and more recently has featured a post outlining a potentially revolutionary collaborative peer review process for this kind of publishing. Todays post offers an alternative perspective; that of the journal article peer reviewer. Doing peer reviews provides important experience for those writing their own papers and […]

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Content Marketing & SEO: The Bigger Picture

Working to integrate your SEO and content marketing efforts? Columnist Trond Lyngbø discusses the benefits and challenges of marrying these two disciplines and explains how to succeed. SEOs have long wondered how blog posts from Bufferapp consistently topped search engines and attracted huge audiences for free… until their content team drew back the curtains and […]

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Why do we write research papers?

1. Why do research? » to contribute to human knowledge and society 2. We write to teach others what we have learned » so they can use and build on our work 3. And to help us organize our thoughts and structure the research 4. It’s NOT to impress others with how smart we are […]

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Manipulating Google Scholar Citations and Google Sc holar Metrics: simple, easy and tempting

The launch of Google Scholar Citations and Google Scholar Metrics may cause a revolution in the research evaluation field as it places within every researcher’s reach tools that allowthem to measure their output. However, the data and bibliometric indicators offered byGoogle’s products can be easily manipulated. In order to alert the research community, we present […]

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