Social media as a source of information about universities among candidates for studies

The main goal of the article is to indicate the importance of social media in the process of seeking information about universities by potential candidates for studies. To realize the set goal, quantitative research was carried out among a group of high school students, using the auditorium survey technique. The youth questionnaire was collected via the questionnaire for information sources used in the decision-making process about the choice of the future educational path. The conducted research confirmed that social media are one of the most important sources of information about universities, just after personal sources such as family and friends.… Czytaj więcej »

The significance of direct contacts in the process of building relations with student candidates

In the second decade of the 21st century the graduates of high schools – student candidates – already belong to the next generation, called generation „Z”. This generation has been raised in the virtual world. Constant and unlimited access to the Internet leads to a situation in which it constitutes the most important communication channel and a source of information about the world surrounding them. Appreciating the significance of modern technologies and their role in building relations with student candidates, we can’t forget about the significance of direct contacts. For those facing the choice of university, which to a large … Czytaj więcej »