Building a strategy for the development of a university using the methodology of strategic sessions on the example of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

The aim of the article is to present the methodology of building an organization strategy which the author has been working on for 8 years.. Although the article is based on the case study of the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Łódź, in which the author conducted a series of strategic sessions, the methodology itself is universal and can be successfully applied both in enterprises, non-profit organizations and offices. The size of the organization or industry is also irrelevant. The author applied the described method in international corporations, no-profit organizations as well as kindergartens whose teams worked on the … Czytaj więcej »

Strategic aspects of innovation management

Innovations are regarded as the main factor for the development of organizations, regions and whole economies. In practice the innovativeness of economic entities is limited by many factors of internal and external origin. Among the internal factors there are factors associated with management itself focusing the attention of managers on the current problems, limited utilization of modern methods of management, especially strategic management and innovation management. In this publication the emphasis was put on the discussion of the essence of strategic approach to innovation management; the essence of strategic innovations and their role in the development of organizations; three model … Czytaj więcej »

Success factors and limitations of efficient internal communication

The article covers the key issues of internal communication within an organization. It highlights the benefits of implementation of transparent communication principles for a company. It identifies objectives and presents selected communication tools. In the article, also guidelines for carrying out research in the context of development of an internal communication strategy can be found. Selected research areas of the process of planning and implementation of strategic assumptions have been presented. Factors limiting effective implementation of an internal communication strategy have been discussed.

Dariusz Tworzydło, Ph.D. – Chairman of the Institute for Information Society Development, Poland, and Chief Executive Officer Czytaj więcej »

Content marketing as an important element of marketing strategy of scientific institutions

What is content marketing? In general, content marketing is a marketing technique which involves creating and spreading contents valuable from the point of view of recipients of the content, aimed at drawing attention and thus engaging a community gathered around a particular target group. Content is what users want to read, learn about, watch or experience. From the perspective of business, content is important information presented on a website, in an application or by means of other available channels of digital presentation, which have the mission of communicating. Nowadays content marketing is not just a desirable thing, it’s a must-have. … Czytaj więcej »

International orientation in the strategy of scientific and research institutions

The subject of the article is associated with the issue of management of organizations in a changing, dynamic environment. Formulating strategy of development of these organizations requires from the managers setting and achieving such goals of functioning on a competitive market which involve longer, at least medium perspective and present new possibilities for the development of their organizations. Thus, the goal of this article is to draw attention to the chances for development of organizations, which result from adopting the option of making the strategy of action international in character. The very process of internationalization of an organization can be … Czytaj więcej »

Customer Relationship Management in scientific and research institutions

Basing on the example of a scientific institute, this article shows:
– potential areas in which CRM philosophy, procedures and tools could be applied
– purpose of applying CRM
– outcomes to expect from CRM application
The article shows the Customer Relationship Management idea exclusively, along with areas of its use in scientific and research institutions and also a proposal to determine a group of clients for these institutions. The summary of the article consists of information regarding sources of knowledge about CRM philosophy and procedures (mainly bibliographical) and also about IT systems which support CRM.

Jaromir Matulewicz, M.Sc., Institute Czytaj więcej »

Marketing based on knowledge as a basis for strategy of research institution – on the example of the Packaging Research Institute

Basis for marketing activities of COBRO – Packaging Research Institute are two main issues. First of all, as a small research and development centre, COBRO has no funds to carry out specialized marketing department. On the other hand, due to huge growth of packaging market, all needs of stakeholders – companies but also other research institutions seeking consortium members – cannot be entirely identified or forecasted, and practical solutions are created in the course of cooperation. For all that reasons Institute has developed its own concept of the knowledge-based marketing, which means more flexible use of the potential of academics … Czytaj więcej »