Quality management platform in research institutes (part 1)

Agnieszka KlembalskaResearch institutes now have a chance to take the leading role in the system of commercialization of the effects of R&D works. To take advantage of this chance they have to strengthen their position on the market through, among others, reorganization of structures and focus on quality management. Multi-aspect approach to the issue of quality in the activity of research institutes based on the analysis of the group of stakeholders and products has led to the formation of the concept for the establishment of a quality management platform – an entity gathering 3 sections:
1) Section of Quality Management Systems,… Czytaj więcej »

Exploring the value of social entrepreneurship seen as economic and social innovation driver in the private sector

A review of online literature refers to an important number of relevant examples about Social Entrepreneurship. Basic papers shed new light on some ideas, taking into account the role of individual creativity and, among others, social networks, all put in the context of becoming an entrepreneur. The examples are associated with surviving the most important, critical first years, naturally both in urban and rural areas. Nowadays, creativity has a huge impact on start-ups in urban areas; it is a place where the environment is even more supportive and competitive. The rule does not apply in rural areas. It is … Czytaj więcej »