The possibility of overcoming barriers in international cooperation in the area of R&D from the point of view of a research unit, based on the example of the Institute of Aviation

The article presents the possibilities of overcoming barriers in international cooperation from the point of view of a research unit. The goal of the article is the presentation of good management practices in international cooperation in the area of R&D between the Institute of Aviation and General Electric, which reduce the level of uncertainty of cooperation. In the text the results of quantitative research concerning barriers for technological cooperation between Polish entities and foreign partners were used. Case study analysis revealed the possibility of reducing these barriers. Data for the case study were collected in interviews with the managers of … Czytaj więcej »

A platform for quality management in research institutes (part II)

Agnieszka KlembalskaIn the recent years there has been a particularly strong pressure on changing old structures and management models in research institutes. Contemporary research institutes are scientific units which are commercial in character – almost 80% of funds come from companies and contractual research activity and services. They are the basic sector of science aiming at cooperation with the economy, applied and innovative research. In order to maintain the current and start new cooperation it is necessary to pay particular attention to maintaining, improving and exposing high level of quality of conducted activity. Taking into consideration the necessity of carrying out … Czytaj więcej »

Internet website as a tool of communication in scientific institutions

The aim of the article is to analyze the use of websites in communication activities and image building of national scientific institutions. One of the reasons for undertaking this subject is the greater attention paid to scientific communication and its link to the need for society involvement in research, that was expressed in the “Rome Declaration on Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe” in 2014. Apart from that, there is an enhanced science mediatization that requires from PR specialists an extra effort to ensure that their messages are not distorted. The subject seems to be vital as there is a … Czytaj więcej »

Quality management platform in research institutes (part 1)

Agnieszka KlembalskaResearch institutes now have a chance to take the leading role in the system of commercialization of the effects of R&D works. To take advantage of this chance they have to strengthen their position on the market through, among others, reorganization of structures and focus on quality management. Multi-aspect approach to the issue of quality in the activity of research institutes based on the analysis of the group of stakeholders and products has led to the formation of the concept for the establishment of a quality management platform – an entity gathering 3 sections:
1) Section of Quality Management Systems,… Czytaj więcej »

The role of research staff in marketing communication at the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing

Aleksander NiemczykThe aim of this article is to present the findings of studies conducted on the activity of scientific research staff in the scope of marketing communication conducted by the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing. The author presents the activities of scientific research staff at the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing in the field of marketing communication. They serve to propagate information on the competencies of the research institute among potential business partners, solicit new projects and maintain good relationships with present clients. The studies presented in this paper were conducted on selected managers of one of the product lines (electromagnetic … Czytaj więcej »

How to effectively promote universities and research institutes in the network? Psychological mechanisms of e-marketing effectiveness.

karol wolskiUniversities and research institutes more and more often resort to promotion tools up till now used mainly in business. Omnipresent market competition has reached also the area of science, where more and more often the fight for students and money for scientific research takes place. Competition among science institutions is additionally stimulated by demographic factors – the gradual aging of the European society. As data from the Central Statistical Office show, the number of peopled aged 19-24 in Poland will drop from 2,817,000 in 2015 to 2,135,000 in 2025. The reduction of the number of young people will substantially boost … Czytaj więcej »

Research institutes and scientific-industrial centres in the context of innovative economy in light of experiences of the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

The main tasks of the leading scientific centres in Poland, that is, universities, scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences and research institutes are discussed. On the example of the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG changes adapting its role and tasks to the market environment has been shown. In short the genesis of EMAG and its 37 years of work – at the beginning as a research and development unit, recently as a research institute – is shown. Changes in approach to statutory activities and market activities in the aspect of the act on research institutes and trends in … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing based on knowledge as a basis for strategy of research institution – on the example of the Packaging Research Institute

Basis for marketing activities of COBRO – Packaging Research Institute are two main issues. First of all, as a small research and development centre, COBRO has no funds to carry out specialized marketing department. On the other hand, due to huge growth of packaging market, all needs of stakeholders – companies but also other research institutions seeking consortium members – cannot be entirely identified or forecasted, and practical solutions are created in the course of cooperation. For all that reasons Institute has developed its own concept of the knowledge-based marketing, which means more flexible use of the potential of academics … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing automation processes as a way to improve contemporary marketing of a company

The main aim of this article is to identify the possibilities which are given to contemporary companies thanks to the usage of processes included in marketing automation system. This publication deals with the key aspects of this issue. Its shows how the importance of the organization changes, how its value increases, as a result of using the tools which are provided by the processes included in the concept of marketing automation. This article defines the factors and processes which influence an effective course of actions taken as a part of marketing automation. Because the concept of marketing automation is a … Czytaj więcej »

System for the dissemination of innovative technological solutions at an R&D institute

The changes in the global market and the emphasis on the commercialization of R&D results, boost competitiveness and decide on the necessity to implement a marketing approach towards the organization and management of the business activity, including that of research institutions, which being treated as a unique kind of enterprises, make the results of their research commercially available. An important factor supporting effective commercialisation of research results is a proper preparation and execution of promotion activities, which based on the rules of marketing, increase the likelihood of success of implementation of innovative solutions on the market. The dissemination activities comprise … Czytaj więcej »

The influence of economic crisis on directions of estructuring of marketing in research institutes

On the eve of the third millennium the Polish economy is more and more subject to worldwide trends of globalization, which in a special way influences the scope and intensiveness of changes implemented in Research Institutes. It is accompanied by another more and more intensively transferred internationally and generally observed economic crisis, whose negative impulses cause the economic growth to slow down. The key determinant of the development of Research Institutes in the modern global economy is a skill to react on changes and a necessity to take restructuring actions within this range of marketing. Problems of a progressive global … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing of research institutes in view of current organizational and legal regulations

The paper aims to describe in a synthetic way some issues related to the marketing activity of R&D organizations in view of legal acts regulating the functioning of the state owned R&D organizations. The authors have analyzed some regulations related to research institutes and their activities, regulations specifying criteria and procedures of granting of a scientific category to a R&D unit as well as principals of financing of the science and regulations related to the operations of certifying units. Basing on this analysis the authors have elaborated a set of marketing goals of the R&D organizations, a list of their … Czytaj więcej »

Digital Repository of Research Institutes – RCIN

The paper describes the project of Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes RCIN and presents opportunities for promoting science by digitization and sharing them on the Internet. The Repository has been created by the 16 Scientific Institutes in Warsaw, Krakow and Bialowieza to modernize the science-research and IT infrastructure, to increase digital resources of mathematical, technical, natural and medical sciences, and to popularize and promote of Polish science. That dissemination and popularization of science affects its development and competitiveness in the international arena and it allows transfer of research results to the economy. In addition, Institutes of RCIN providing contemporary and … Czytaj więcej »