A concept of student relationship management in higher education

The paper will present a novel marketing concept for relationship management in higher education and a justification of its application based on the specific character of educational services. The definitions of relationship and relationship management in higher education will be given. The paper will highlight the key relationships that should be built by an educational institution with special emphasis placed on students as a school’s most important clients. The paper will proceed to elaborate on the concept of loyalty as the aim of building sustainable relationships with students and its specificity due to the special nature of the educational environment. … Czytaj więcej »

Customer Relationship Management in scientific and research institutions

Basing on the example of a scientific institute, this article shows:
– potential areas in which CRM philosophy, procedures and tools could be applied
– purpose of applying CRM
– outcomes to expect from CRM application
The article shows the Customer Relationship Management idea exclusively, along with areas of its use in scientific and research institutions and also a proposal to determine a group of clients for these institutions. The summary of the article consists of information regarding sources of knowledge about CRM philosophy and procedures (mainly bibliographical) and also about IT systems which support CRM.

Jaromir Matulewicz, M.Sc., Institute Czytaj więcej »