Evaluation of on-line marketing communication of scientific units in the context of its cooperation with companies from the Lodz region

Marketing communication of scientific units has gained a lot of importance at the time of the emergence and
development of the hypermedia environment, in particular the Web 2.0 era. The objective of this article is to assess
the degree of use of the website by scientific units in the context of potential cooperation with companies. The article
presents the results of research conducted in the period 09.2017–03.2018 using the method of critical analysis of
secondary sources in the form of websites of all parameterized scientific units located in the Lodz region. Research of
the content of websites of scientific units … Czytaj więcej »

Evaluation of the marketing communication of scientific units in the context of cooperation with the sector of small and medium enterprises in Lodz region

An essential role in the constant overcoming of barriers as well as in the development of cooperation on the line “science-business” is played by proper marketing communication carried out by scientific units, being the party initiating the commercialization processes. The aim of the article is to evaluate selected aspects of marketing communication carried out by scientific units during cooperation with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) representing the smart specializations of the Lodz region. The article discusses the results of research carried out in the second and third quarter of 2018, based on the method of indirect communication with respondents, using … Czytaj więcej »

Cooperation of scientific centres and companies on implementation of research results

Building cooperation between scientists working in scientific and R&D centres and entrepreneurs should take into consideration the fact that these groups often base their market activities on completely different motivation, styles of interaction, levels of risk acceptance and understanding of value added to cooperation. The culture of organization, structure, goals and strategies of action of scientific and R&D organizations most often vary. For this reason cooperation on commercialization and technology transfer requires support from institutions of innovative business (such as scientific and science-technology parks, technology incubators, technology transfer centres), which may serve the role of an integrator between scientists and … Czytaj więcej »

System for the dissemination of innovative technological solutions at an R&D institute

The changes in the global market and the emphasis on the commercialization of R&D results, boost competitiveness and decide on the necessity to implement a marketing approach towards the organization and management of the business activity, including that of research institutions, which being treated as a unique kind of enterprises, make the results of their research commercially available. An important factor supporting effective commercialisation of research results is a proper preparation and execution of promotion activities, which based on the rules of marketing, increase the likelihood of success of implementation of innovative solutions on the market. The dissemination activities comprise … Czytaj więcej »