Quality policy in creating organizational maturity in a medical tourism enterprise

This article examines the concept of organizational maturity, with particular emphasis on the importance that it can play in medical tourism. First, the concept of organization is subjected to an interdisciplinary interpretation in the light of the Polish and international literature on the subject. The influence of this area of enterprise management on the decisions made and the shaping of the pro-quality policy of the enterprise is considered – noting that the continuous and comprehensive improvement of intra-organizational processes, decisions taken and monitored, and long-term planning are determinants of the level of organizational maturity and contribute to the implementation of … Czytaj więcej »

Investigating process maturity modeling as an advertising process improvement paradigm

This article examined a variant of the Capability Maturity Model integrated (CMMi) through the lens of advertising process improvement. The population and sample were taken from a national array of U.S. marketing organizations. Using ANOVA, a 0.05 significance level, and a stratification of service marketing organizations versus product marketing organizations, the study showed a statistically significant difference (F(1, 304) = 4.03; p = 0.04; ω2 = 0.00) regarding the hypothesis representing the notion that processes were potentially sporadic, chaotic, and ad hoc. This notion corresponded to the first maturity level of the examined process maturity framework. With respect to … Czytaj więcej »

A platform for quality management in research institutes (part II)

Agnieszka KlembalskaIn the recent years there has been a particularly strong pressure on changing old structures and management models in research institutes. Contemporary research institutes are scientific units which are commercial in character – almost 80% of funds come from companies and contractual research activity and services. They are the basic sector of science aiming at cooperation with the economy, applied and innovative research. In order to maintain the current and start new cooperation it is necessary to pay particular attention to maintaining, improving and exposing high level of quality of conducted activity. Taking into consideration the necessity of carrying out … Czytaj więcej »

Quality management platform in research institutes (part 1)

Agnieszka KlembalskaResearch institutes now have a chance to take the leading role in the system of commercialization of the effects of R&D works. To take advantage of this chance they have to strengthen their position on the market through, among others, reorganization of structures and focus on quality management. Multi-aspect approach to the issue of quality in the activity of research institutes based on the analysis of the group of stakeholders and products has led to the formation of the concept for the establishment of a quality management platform – an entity gathering 3 sections:
1) Section of Quality Management Systems,… Czytaj więcej »