Searching for and perception of information by consumers in the light of the sustainable consumption idea — on the example of food markets

The aim of this paper is to present the sources of information about food, the cost of collecting the information and the perception of messages by consumers in the light of the sustainable food consumption idea. We used primary materials from a direct, personal survey which were later analyzed with the use of Berelson’s content analysis method. We found that a consumer shows low interest in sourcing the information about sustainable food consumption. The most credible, from the consumer’s point of view, information about food, consumption and the food market, comes from reports and scientific papers, as well as from … Czytaj więcej »

Associations with the university as an employer in the years 2016-2019 – young potential employees perspective

The article is theoretical and empirical. To prepare the theoretical part, the method of cognitive-critical analysis of world literature in the field of management, personal marketing, etc. was applied. Based on the results of this analysis, it can be concluded that there is a cognitive and research gap relating to research on universities as employers. This applies especially to associations of young potential employees with this group of employers. Therefore, the article aims to achieve the goal, which is to identify associations of young potential employees with the university as a workplace and indicate the changes taking place in them. … Czytaj więcej »