Online Marketing Communication of Polish National Art Museums in comparison to selected European Museums

The aim of the article is to present the results of the comparative analysis of online marketing communication in three national art museums in Poland and the comparable museums in European cities, that could serve as a model for the use of marketing communication on the Internet. Marketing communications on the Internet of selected museums have been compared in three categories: website usability and responsiveness — in this category the cognitive walkthrough method was used; online advertisements — in this category a survey, distributed by email had been used to collect information from people responsible for marketing communication in selected … Czytaj więcej »

Evaluation of on-line marketing communication of scientific units in the context of its cooperation with companies from the Lodz region

Marketing communication of scientific units has gained a lot of importance at the time of the emergence and
development of the hypermedia environment, in particular the Web 2.0 era. The objective of this article is to assess
the degree of use of the website by scientific units in the context of potential cooperation with companies. The article
presents the results of research conducted in the period 09.2017–03.2018 using the method of critical analysis of
secondary sources in the form of websites of all parameterized scientific units located in the Lodz region. Research of
the content of websites of scientific units … Czytaj więcej »