Marketing activities in the area of micronization services

Barbara SołtysikUnder conditions of constantly growing competition, what is becoming a key problem is keeping the previously acquired clients. Their trust in the provider and regularly repeated purchases are an expression of the efficiency of marketing activities conducted by companies. What is becoming a measure of success is the satisfaction and loyalty of buyers. Companies spend a lot of money to attract clients and the competition keeps trying to take away their clients. A lost client means not just the loss of a future order – this is the loss of revenues equal to the value of all products which a … Czytaj więcej »

Measurement of activity in social media – a challenge for contemporary marketing research

Popularity of social media among Internet users resulted in popularity of this medium among companies looking for contact with the participants of the community. Social media became as well a marketing research area of interest. Challenges social media researchers are facing, such as a combination of quantitative and qualitative aspects, and the problem of complexity and the selection of indicators, demonstrate the need to systematize the knowledge in this area.

Joanna Płuciennik, M.Sc., University of Łódź, Poland – is a graduate of Marketing and Philosophy at the University of Łódź. She is currently working towards her PhD degree. She deals … Czytaj więcej »