How can we attract and keep young talents in the science sector? Work satisfaction and the inclination to change your workplace

Gradually dropping number of working age people, dropping rate of unemployment and continuously growing number of job vacancies, which remain open for a longer time, lead to a situation in which more and more often in the context of Poland people say the market belongs to the employee. What doesn’t alleviate the situation is the arrival of a new generation, the so-called millennials, on the market. Millennials differ from earlier generations both in terms of their characteristics and expectations with regard to their workplace.

The fact that over a half of scientists below the age of 35 employed in national … Czytaj więcej »

Possibilities and limitations of using the customer experience management concept by universities

Managing an institution of higher education requires the use of methods that are appropriate to the changing market environment. One of the relatively new management concepts, which may find its application in the educational environment is the concept of customer experience management (Customer Experience Management). This article attempts to examine the possibility of its use in higher education, taking into account the related opportunities and barriers.

Professor Zygmunt Waśkowski, Ph.D., Poznań University of Economics, Poland (Department of Marketing Strategies). Author of about 100 publications on the subjects of relationship marketing, strategic marketing, management and marketing in sports. The initiator and Czytaj więcej »

Employer branding in the background of relationship marketing conceptions

Marketing is a dynamic discipline. Relation marketing is one of its conceptions and sets new standards for the cooperation between market players. It claims that a company’s market growth is influenced by longterm business relationships. Furthermore, it states that a company’s assets are defined by its relations within the business environment. Employer branding is defined as a series of actions, the goal of which is building a company’s brand on the market as “company of first choice for future employees”. The theoretical background for employer branding derives from relationship marketing.

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