Information Needs of Trade Fair Visitors – a survey of the participants of KOMPOZYT-EXPO 2018 and FASTENER POLAND

The article presents the results of surveys concerning the information needs of people visiting trade fairs and the conditions for satisfying these needs on the example of the participants of KOMPOZYT-EXPO 2018 and FASTENER POLAND. The results of the surveys are preceded by an overview of literature describing the behaviours of people visiting trade fairs.
The surveys were conducted during the aforementioned fairs by means of a direct questionnaire. On the basis of 98 cases qualified for analysis it was concluded, among others, that visitors during fairs look mainly for information about novelties in a given branch, about the current … Czytaj więcej »

Fairs as a tool of marketing activity of research and scientific institutions

Dynamic changes in the surroundings of scientific and research institutions now taking place force these entities to search for ways to efficiently communicate with representatives of diverse groups which are important from the point of view of their marketing activities. In this context it seems that one of the least appreciated instruments are fairs, which in their contemporary form offer rich opportunities for presenting the offer of exhibitors. Taking advantage of the potential of contemporary exhibitions requires understanding their essence and the knowledge of rules concerning proper preparation and management of participation in trade fairs. Moreover, it is necessary to … Czytaj więcej »