Customer loyalty on the insurance services market in Poland

Insurance companies are currently carrying out tasks related to building trust, image creation and giving distinctive features to intangible insurance services, which is associated with paying more attention to the packaging of the service than to the service itself. The packaging of the insurance service consists of people, the appearance of branches, the availability of insurance services and flexibility in customer service. For insurance companies, the knowledge of not only marketing practice, but also the knowledge about customer behaviours or factors affecting their loyalty is becoming important. The purpose of the article is to review the loyalty on the insurance … Czytaj więcej »

Social media as a source of market information

Nowadays information plays an important role in the development of companies. Information constitutes the main source of building competitive advantage allowing to make a good business decision, which leads to a company’s success on the market. Conducting marketing research makes it possible to obtain valuable information, but unfortunately this method is usually associated with the necessity of bearing high costs and in many cases research itself is conducted in an incorrect way and delivers incorrect information. We live in the age of information society, which is associated with the rapid development of the Internet and tools using the Internet allowing … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing strategies and tactics in a period of recession

Recession is an extremely difficult period for most companies. Especially when a recession has universal dimensions, many companies find themselves unprepared to face great challenges. While marketing in good times has a long-term focus, a broad scope, it is benefits- and opportunities-driven and proactive, in bad times it has a short-term focus, limited and narrow scope, it is cost-and sales-driven and reactive. Panic is not the right reaction. Such difficult times should be overcome through methodical and well planned actions. After all, research has shown that those companies that take a proactive stance and treat the recession as an opportunity … Czytaj więcej »

Customer Relationship Management in scientific and research institutions

Basing on the example of a scientific institute, this article shows:
– potential areas in which CRM philosophy, procedures and tools could be applied
– purpose of applying CRM
– outcomes to expect from CRM application
The article shows the Customer Relationship Management idea exclusively, along with areas of its use in scientific and research institutions and also a proposal to determine a group of clients for these institutions. The summary of the article consists of information regarding sources of knowledge about CRM philosophy and procedures (mainly bibliographical) and also about IT systems which support CRM.

Jaromir Matulewicz, M.Sc., Institute Czytaj więcej »

Marketing of knowledge based services

The issues discussed in this paper refer to the contemporary role of services in the knowledge-based economy. The author identifies the fields of services that currently constitute the so-called economy development carriers and names them knowledge-based services. Educational, research, and information and communication, as well as business services are particularly significant in this group of services. Despite the diversity of the enumerated services between industries, their common feature is offering customers the basic value in the form of professional knowledge based on the intellectual capital of individual service organisations. The author, relying on the concept of customer value management as … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing communications in industrial B2b markets enhancing the value of the corporate brand relying on common added values

Today, industrial Business-to-Business (B2B) markets are mainly characterized by a highly trained customer for making rational decisions in a highly competitive and global market, requiring more than ever organizations to approach their markets with a single and consistent message. Such demanding scenario requires to define a corporate brand transmitting in one message all the advantages that a Customer may appreciate in the long-term, based not only on what the company stands for in the market, but also the benefits of all its products throughout its portfolio. Such elements are referred as Common Added Values (CAVs), being some general examples the  … Czytaj więcej »

Research and services provision on the world research market

It is necessary to create new knowledge for the development of the economy. The source of new knowledge are research: basic, applied and industrial, which complement each other to form one whole. Each of these research has other sources of financing and other purposes. Due to the large influx of foreign technology to Poland industrial research is not growing as we would expect. To balance this deficiency the Research Institutes may provide services on the world market. It would be advisable to seek the provision of services on the global research market so that it could became a Polish smart … Czytaj więcej »