Marketing for science based organizations – perspectives and questions

Marketing for research and science-based organizations is complex and not well understood; especially by the research, scientific, and technical communities. This paper presents a conceptual framework for scientists in research and science-based organizations to think about their organization’s marketing and sales functions, and related processes. NASA, one of the world’s most successful research organizations, which put two American astronauts on the moon in approximately 8 years, is briefly explored. The role of 21st Century research and science-based organizations in creating societal, organizational, and individual wealth is examined via a conceptual framework of the virtuous wealth creation process. Two forms of … Czytaj więcej »

Successful Technology Commercialization – Yes or No? Improving the Odds. The Quick Look Methodology and Process

This article explores the relationships which transform new scientific knowledge into new commercial products, services, and ventures to create wealth creation.  The major technology and marketing commercialization dilemmas are defined and addressed.  The Quicklook methodology and related processes to quickly assess the commercial viability and potential of a scientific research project is explained.   Using the Quicklook methodology and process early in the research and development process improves the success odds of commercialization.

Professor William Bradley “Brad” Zehner II, St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas, USA – is an Associate Professor of Management and a Global Teaching Fellow.  He is also a Czytaj więcej »

Relational benefits and quality of relation – towards understanding of the ties between science and business

Malgorzata GrzegorczykThe goal of this article is to answer the question in what way relational marketing and in particular, the concept of relational benefits, as well as quality of relation may influence the transfer of knowledge and technologies from universities to business. Another goal is to highlight significant, future directions of research in this area. Integration of the theory of relational marketing and technology transfer may create a new framework for fuller understanding of the ties between science and business. Research in this area may contribute to the expansion and development of the theory of relational marketing, which until now was … Czytaj więcej »

Informational foundations for marketing decisions in the process of product commercialization

The process of product commercialization in the contemporary economy is usually associated with introducing innovations to the market and securing growth of sales of the new product, however, on the market this is usually a strategic view of the innovation’s position in the portfolio of products and taking advantage of its current and future potential for satisfying the needs and expectations of consumers on a competitive market, taking into consideration its character, external conditions and internal conditions of introduction, the choice of flexible market solutions and constant development of the innovation. In practice this imposes on companies, also on research … Czytaj więcej »

Advertising – psychological aspects of the influence of marketing tricks

Promotional activities planned in research institutes are supposed to draw the attention of entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals to the offered services. The implementation of a marketing program usually involves participation in conferences, seminars, workshops. Organising and participating in the above-mentioned events gives the opportunity to share valuable information, remarks and allows updating and preparing new solutions in the scope of research and services that can be offered. Another means of promotion is the Internet website, which can contribute to raising interest in the presented offer. Another important element is also the publication of informative materials like catalogues, leaflets, brochures, publishing … Czytaj więcej »

Scientific and research institutions’ utilization of Internet tools for marketing research

The predecessor of the online survey, which is the subject of this work, is the e-mail questionnaire. E-mail questionnaires are included in the content or the attachment to an e-mail. Its main disadvantage is the fact that the content of the message can be displayed in varied ways depending, among others, on the kind of e-mail program used by the respondent. Moreover, the respondent has to save the message on his own hard drive and later send it back to the address provided in the invitation to the survey. In practice what is required from the respondent exceeds his willingness … Czytaj więcej »

Model technology platform for cooperation of research centres with the business sector

One of the ways of facilitating communication between the research and scientific sector and the business sector is to establish network forms of cooperation. Network is understood as a long-term relationship between partners connected through ventures which define the scope of their cooperation. International experience shows that network forms of cooperation are beneficial both for science and business: they intensify the processes of commercialization; level out negative phenomena on the labour market; and boost company competitiveness. Around the world the share of companies declaring that they cooperate with scientists amounts to 75-80%. In Poland the scale of cooperation between these … Czytaj więcej »

Cooperation of scientific centres and companies on implementation of research results

Building cooperation between scientists working in scientific and R&D centres and entrepreneurs should take into consideration the fact that these groups often base their market activities on completely different motivation, styles of interaction, levels of risk acceptance and understanding of value added to cooperation. The culture of organization, structure, goals and strategies of action of scientific and R&D organizations most often vary. For this reason cooperation on commercialization and technology transfer requires support from institutions of innovative business (such as scientific and science-technology parks, technology incubators, technology transfer centres), which may serve the role of an integrator between scientists and … Czytaj więcej »

The first steps in the commercialization of a research project – the example of is a prototype business and social networking website created for the project: “New information technologies for electronic economy and information society based on the SOA paradigm” under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy. The idea of the portal is based on local communities, both focused on private users as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and electronic markets, where they both meet and may interact. After completion of the project in January 2013, the team faced a completely new task of commercialization of its results. The first stage of project promotion was participation in competitions for business idea, conferences … Czytaj więcej »

System for the dissemination of innovative technological solutions at an R&D institute

The changes in the global market and the emphasis on the commercialization of R&D results, boost competitiveness and decide on the necessity to implement a marketing approach towards the organization and management of the business activity, including that of research institutions, which being treated as a unique kind of enterprises, make the results of their research commercially available. An important factor supporting effective commercialisation of research results is a proper preparation and execution of promotion activities, which based on the rules of marketing, increase the likelihood of success of implementation of innovative solutions on the market. The dissemination activities comprise … Czytaj więcej »