Formation of relations and their values for the stakeholders by the research-scientific institution

- Professor Bogdan Sojkin, Sylwia Michalak, Ph.D.

Bogdan SojkinSylwia MichalakThe article presents issues associated with forming the relations of a scientific-research institution with the stakeholders and creating the added value of these relations. The basic groups of stakeholders and forms of cooperation with a scientific-research institution and their practical solutions are presented. The discussion concerning these issues is illustrated with the example of a training project carried out with funds from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR).

Professor Bogdan Sojkin, University of Economics in Poznań, Poland – is professor of economics at the University of Economics in Poznań, Head of the Chair of Product Marketing at the Faculty of Commodity Science, member of the Commission of Commodities Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences, member of the Research Council of the Polish Accountants Association, Chair of the Programme Committee of the European Marketing Forum of Scientific and Research Organizations (Warsaw Institute of Aviation). His professional interests and research activity focus on product management, market and marketing research, product quality, marketing information systems and marketing in sports (including R&D work conducted under science grant projects: 2007 – 2009 the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, 2009 – 2012 the National Science Centre, 2012-2013 the National Centre for Research and Development). He specialises in commercialisation of R&D results and marketing in sports. Author and co-author of numerous publications including Handel w gospodarce narodowej, PWE, Warszawa 1989; Rynek żywnościowy, PWE, Determinanty konsumpcji żywności. Analiza hierarchiczna, AE, Poznań, 1994; Podstawy marketingu, AE, Poznań, 1996 and 1999; Zarządzanie produktem, PWE, Warszawa 2003; Badania marketingowe. Teoria i praktyka. PWN, Warszawa 2005; Informacyjne podstawy decyzji marketingowych, PWE, Warszawa 2009; Konsument wobec innowacji produktowych na rynku żywności, UEP, Poznań 2009; Komercjalizacja produktów żywnościowych i jej uwarunkowania, PWE, Warszawa 2012; Zachowania zakupowe i konsumpcyjne mieszkańców Poznania i Wielkopolski, IBRKiK, 2013.

Sylwia Michalak, Ph.D., Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poland – Doctor of Economics, adjunct at The Department of Product Marketing, at Faculty of Commodity Science at the Poznan University of Economics and Business. The subject of her scientific research is competitive behavior of business entities, determinants of competitive behaviors of organizations in different markets and the competitiveness of human resources on the labor market. Leader of EU-funded project „Internships for students and cooperation with employers in the field of study Commodity Science, Poznań University of Economics”. She has long-term managerial experience in international and national trade and manufacturing companies. As Director responsible for negotiations, creating and implementing brand development strategies and competing strategies of the organization. Author of training and consulting projects in the field of Human Resources Management, recruiting, motivating and developing employees. She believes that continuous development is the determinant of efficiency and effectiveness. She is also interested in the concept of lateral thinking by Edward de Bono.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.27.03.2018.08
Contact: bogdan.sojkin(at), sylwia.michalak(at)
MINIB, 2018, Vol. 27, Issue 1

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