Development of virtual reality technology in the aspect of educational applications

In the recent years we have observed the development of devices and visualizations for monitoring the activity of a user (movement and position) in a virtual environment. Along with the growing utilization of personal computers for visualization and rapid development of computer image generation in real time, universities, following the latest trends used in science, are looking for solutions to reach students through  the senses of: sight, hearing and touch. We should take into consideration the diversity of students’ styles and strategies of learning, that’s why the use of virtual reality (VR) in education is a response to the … Czytaj więcej »

Commercialization of technology – efficient sales of patents, licenses and results of research

Managing a research project properly in phases preceding its debut on the market allows us to minimize the risk of making a wrong decision about investing in the development of research and implementing new technologies. In the process of commercialization the possibilities of implementation should be investigated at every stage, from an idea for research to disseminating its results. The analysis of the Polish market and examples presented in the article „Commercialization of results of scientific research – efficient sales of new technologies and research results” shows that investments of the business sphere in research and development are comparably low … Czytaj więcej »