Job expectations and satisfaction among scientists

The decreasing supply of qualified people ready to take up employment, observed for several years on the labour
market, results in the strengthening of the employee’s position. The consequences of this process affect not only the
companies but also scientific institutions. The employee’s market, which is shaped as a result of the following
changes, forces employers to focus increasingly on activities aimed at attracting and retaining individuals who
constitute their human capital. The aim of our article is to diagnose satisfaction levels of various job facets and
differences in attachment to the workplace in groups of scientists with varied job … Czytaj więcej »

Determinants of building image and reputation of university towards its stakeholders

The aim of the article is describinig the role and place of image and reputation in a university and research institution in the process of competing on the education market. The article presents current views on the scope of these concepts as well as the mutual relations between the image and reputation in business entities. The fundamental importance of university relations with internal and external stakeholders in shaping both image and reputation was pointed out. The second part presents a set of image and reputation determinants in the case of a university. In addition, the role and place of the … Czytaj więcej »