Marketing determinants of the choice of field of studies

  Considerations presented in this article are aimed at giving an answer to the following research question – Which elements of universities’ marketing activity influence the acquisition of students the most? The presented research question arises from the goal defined for the research which involved finding clues concerning the way of conducting marketing activities enabling the acquisition of a number of new students satisfying the strategy of a university. Additionally, the answer to the question formulated this way will be juxtaposed with new reality of the functioning of universities in Poland, which is associated with changes introduced by the Ministry of … Czytaj więcej »

The cooperation between universities as a way to build strong business and scientific units

More and more frequently in the literature you can meet the described cooperation between the university and the business environment. These projects relate both to joint research, raising funds in the framework of EU grants, practices, internships for students, graduates and employees of the university, preparation of expert reports, prototypes, diagnoses, matching the educational offer to the needs of the local market, etc. However considerably less can meet with the co-operation among universities but also in this area can be indicated numerous opportunities for joint action. Polish universities are increasingly willing to look for a partner in foreign universities to … Czytaj więcej »

The role of marketing of higher education institutions in creating the image of cities and regions

Education is one of the most important elements of the contemporary world. It constitutes the foundation of development and the direction of development of particular areas. The progress of civilization associated with, among others, the development of information technology, has caused a transition from an industrial society to information society. Currently information and knowledge are the basic elements of efficient functioning of companies, institutions and individuals. Information has become a commodity, which is often treated as a more precious commodity than material goods. In a society based on knowledge, in which we live, there is a constant need for improvement … Czytaj więcej »

Educational fairs as a form of promotion of higher education institutions

The upcoming decline in birth rates combined with increasing numbers of high school leavers deciding to study abroad force Polish universities to engage in intense marketing activities. Educational fairs are one of the instruments allowing for effective communication with future students. However, in order to take full advantage of the participation in educational fairs, universities need to be well prepared by applying the rules of exhibition marketing and taking into account the specific character of educationoriented exhibition events. The main goal of this paper is to identify the characteristic features of educational fairs. A good understanding of the character of … Czytaj więcej »

Google AdWords advertising in higher education marketing

Technological advancement has caused us to take for granted the changes that only a dozen or so years ago seemed truly revolutionary. Ways of seeking business partners, products and services or even searching for opinion in the purely social dimension have all undergone a profound transformation. Practically anyone looking for, say, a toy for their child or a new stationery supplier for their business first sits in front of a computer. The very first action is to use Google or any other search engine. Thanks to computer technology we now have a range of possibilities at our disposal to find … Czytaj więcej »

Building an image of a higher education institution as an instrument of mega marketing

The image of a higher education institution is regarded by the author as a fundamental factor of competitive advantage in the modern education marketplace. A specific character of the modern education market is shaped by a range of rather negative for higher education trends, including first of all the declining birth rates and high unemployment among university graduates with employers seemingly less and less interested in offering jobs to them. This situation poses a real threat to the existence and development of higher education, particularly for private universities. Also, it forces universities to seek competitive advantage in the education market. … Czytaj więcej »

A concept of student relationship management in higher education

The paper will present a novel marketing concept for relationship management in higher education and a justification of its application based on the specific character of educational services. The definitions of relationship and relationship management in higher education will be given. The paper will highlight the key relationships that should be built by an educational institution with special emphasis placed on students as a school’s most important clients. The paper will proceed to elaborate on the concept of loyalty as the aim of building sustainable relationships with students and its specificity due to the special nature of the educational environment. … Czytaj więcej »