Groups on Facebook as a marketing tool

The aim of the article was to determine the use of Facebook groups as a marketing tool. The author conducted the research using a survey. To distribute the questionnaire author used a Facebook ad tool targeted at Polish women, who are planning a wedding or are shortly after it. Based on the example of the wedding industry, it was found that the content on these types of groups has large reach and generate high involvement of their participants. Members of Facebook wedding groups often take into account the recommendations they find on these groups when making wedding-related purchasing decisions. Companies … Czytaj więcej »

Involvement of generation Z in the communication activities of clothing brands in social media — the case of Poland

Communication activities in social media have a direct impact on shaping consumer behavior, in particular among the youngest group of consumers — Generation Z. This paper analyzes young Polish consumers’ interactions with fast-fashion brands on social networking platforms, focusing on their motives for engaging with fashion brands’ communication activities on such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. It presents the empirical findings of a quantitative, pencil-and-paper questionnaire survey carried out among a representative sample of 1000 high-school and university students (representatives of Generation Z) in Poznań, Poland, regarding their perceptions of the profiles of fast-fashion clothing brands … Czytaj więcej »

Evaluation of selected online image-building activities by Polish universities

The purpose of this paper is to identify the online tools used by Polish universities and analyse to what extent these tools are used for image-related, communication, and marketing purposes. Based on our own analyses and desk research, we listed and then compared selected image-related activities carried out online by the higher education institutions rated as Poland’s top universities in the “Perspektywy Ranking”. We also extended our analysis to the universities rated as the world’s top universities, selected based on the Webometrics ranking, and identified a clear difference in trends. The online tools listed in this paper were evaluated in … Czytaj więcej »

The evolution of the role of forms of marketing communication in influencing consumers’ shopping behavior (based on surveys in 1995–2018)

The purpose of the article is to present the extent to which consumers use modern and traditional forms of marketing communication about the market offer, depending on the characteristics of these consumers, as wellas to recognize the attitudes and market behavior of consumers under the influence these forms ofcommunication, with particular emphasis on online advertising and social media. The basis of the analyzes are theresults of the own, nationwide, surveys carried out in 1995, 2001 and 2017/2018. The importance of online information sources in influencing consumer behavior has grown dynamically, but the role of reference groups asa source of information … Czytaj więcej »

The use of social media by technology transfer offices in marketing communications

The article presents the issue of marketing communication conducted through social media by CTT, affiliated to The
Polish Association of Centers for Technology Transfer (PACTT). The objective of this publication is to assess CTT’s use of currently popular social networking sites in the context of communication with Generation Y, i.e. the generation of successors and managers in Polish enterprises. The study was conducted in August 2019 using data collected through critical analysis of secondary sources in the form of websites and social media profiles of all 64 CTTs included in PACTT. The research confirmed that the entities established to find … Czytaj więcej »

Social media as a source of information about universities among candidates for studies

The main goal of the article is to indicate the importance of social media in the process of seeking information about universities by potential candidates for studies. To realize the set goal, quantitative research was carried out among a group of high school students, using the auditorium survey technique. The youth questionnaire was collected via the questionnaire for information sources used in the decision-making process about the choice of the future educational path. The conducted research confirmed that social media are one of the most important sources of information about universities, just after personal sources such as family and friends.… Czytaj więcej »

The use of social media by young consumers in purchasing processes

The main purpose of the article is presenting the role of social media in the process of shaping the behaviours of young consumers in the context of utilization of chosen social media in the process of making purchasing decisions. The conducted research has shown that social media constitute an inseparable part of almost every decision-making process. The contents published in social media not only generate needs among young consumers, encouraging them to make unplanned purchases, but also constitute an important source of inspiration at the stage of looking for alternatives for satisfying their needs. Additionally, social media constitute a precious … Czytaj więcej »

Social media as a source of market information

Nowadays information plays an important role in the development of companies. Information constitutes the main source of building competitive advantage allowing to make a good business decision, which leads to a company’s success on the market. Conducting marketing research makes it possible to obtain valuable information, but unfortunately this method is usually associated with the necessity of bearing high costs and in many cases research itself is conducted in an incorrect way and delivers incorrect information. We live in the age of information society, which is associated with the rapid development of the Internet and tools using the Internet allowing … Czytaj więcej »

Public relations – the tools for unilateral communication and dialogue on the Internet

Dariusz TworzydloThe development of technology and IT tools have brought about an extraordinary acceleration of the public relations branch around the whole world.  We live in the times of revolution in communication, in which one year is whole eternity. Messages, the speed of their publication, the tools are changing. The sender and the recipient, who have become used to the dynamics of the message and the fact that it is and will be distributed without spatial and temporal limitations, are changing too. Netscape browser,, the era of Wikipedia, Facebook, dynamically developing YouTube, or Nasza Klasa, Twitter and a whole range … Czytaj więcej »

How to effectively promote universities and research institutes in the network? Psychological mechanisms of e-marketing effectiveness.

karol wolskiUniversities and research institutes more and more often resort to promotion tools up till now used mainly in business. Omnipresent market competition has reached also the area of science, where more and more often the fight for students and money for scientific research takes place. Competition among science institutions is additionally stimulated by demographic factors – the gradual aging of the European society. As data from the Central Statistical Office show, the number of peopled aged 19-24 in Poland will drop from 2,817,000 in 2015 to 2,135,000 in 2025. The reduction of the number of young people will substantially boost … Czytaj więcej »

The assessment of activities conducted by companies in social media in light of research concerning their users

Social media are not losing their popularity. Despite their long (sometimes a few years long) presence on the Internet, portals from this category are gradually strengthening their position with regard to the number of registered users. In July 2014 the biggest social media portal – Facebook – had 1,320,000,000 active accounts around the whole world. In Poland in July 2014 the number of active users of the portal reached 12,000,000. In the period from April 12 to May 25, 2014, the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Management of University of Lodz conducted a research aimed at the assessment … Czytaj więcej »

Universities in social media – Recipients’ expectations and the published contents

Research carried out by the author in 2013, which covered all 59 public universities listed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education showed that Polish public universities are more and more eagerly resorting to social media as a channel for communication with the environment of students and they are currently active in social media and especially on Facebook, where 81% (48 units) have their official profiles. Also other research projects show that the activities of a university in social media influences the image of the university especially among students – according to them student candidates admit that the presence … Czytaj więcej »

Inbound marketing as a form of internet marketing

We live in times of revolution! We are witnessing a revolution in the way we choose new products and in the way we look for business partners. Nowadays, almost everybody who is looking for a pram for his child or a new accounting company for his small business, always starts by turning on the computer. We start with Google or any other search engine, we ask our friends from the Internet, our family members and colleagues for assistance, usually via e-mail, online chats, Facebook or Twitter. We live in times of revolution – as a result of this revolution companies … Czytaj więcej »

Crisis management via social media

The increasing popularity of social media gives businesses a wide spectrum of possibilities to enter into dialogue and interaction with consumers, to better understand their needs, to build durable relations with clients and to maintain brand communities. Thanks to social media, content may be transmitted with unprecedented speed when it „goes viral”. The consumer has been undergoing change too, now expecting instant answers to all his questions and doubts and more often than ever expressing complaints about a company in the media sphere of the internet. All these factors combine to give organizations new challenges to face. Overcoming these requires … Czytaj więcej »

Inbound marketing as an integral part of the marketing strategy of a modern enterprise

The essential premise of this publication is to define the benefits brought to modern enterprises by introduction of multi-channel marketing strategy, or inbound marketing, to their business.This article defines the factors and processes that influence the effective course of actions undertaken in the framework of inbound marketing.In addition, it is demonstrated how the importance of an organization changes, how its value and importance realistically increases as a result of applying the instruments provided by inbound marketing.  The purpose of the article is to present how the concept of inbound marketing is changing the perspective of looking at the modern marketing … Czytaj więcej »

Polish academic institutions in social media

Social media are nowadays commonly used by universities to communicate, collaborate, share knowledge and build relationships with candidates, currently enrolled students, alumnus and other stakeholders. However, previous researches focus mainly on the use of social media for marketing purposes of companies. Very little attention is paid to a specific group of organizations i. e. universities. The objective of the research presented in the article is the identification of the existing trends of using social media as a communication tool between the university and its main stakeholders – the students. The research covered the activity of public universities (in Poland) on … Czytaj więcej »

Implementation of analyses based on social media data for marketing purposes in academic and scientific organizations in practice – opportunities and limitations

The article is focused on the issue of practice use of analyses, based on data collected in social media, for institutions’ communication and marketing purposes. The subject is being discussed from the perspective of Digital Darwinism — situation, when development of technologies and new means of communication is significantly faster than growth in the knowledge and digital skills among organizations eager to implement those solutions. To diminish negative consequences of Digital Darwinism institutions can broaden their knowledge with analyses of data from cyber space to optimize operations, and make use of running dialog and cooperation with prosuments to face dynamic … Czytaj więcej »

Measurement of social media Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

Nowadays social media gather millions of users and virtual communities have become the core of the Internet. Thanks to various forms of communications (both the standard and more invasive ones) the function of social media undergoes changes. What initially was meant to make new virtual friends, now more and more often is implemented in enterprises’ activities, thus opening new opportunities to build a dialogue with buyers, to strengthen a positive image of science and to boost sales. The key to conduct effective actions in the social media are the measurements of what is happening in them. The application of these … Czytaj więcej »

Measurement of activity in social media – a challenge for contemporary marketing research

Popularity of social media among Internet users resulted in popularity of this medium among companies looking for contact with the participants of the community. Social media became as well a marketing research area of interest. Challenges social media researchers are facing, such as a combination of quantitative and qualitative aspects, and the problem of complexity and the selection of indicators, demonstrate the need to systematize the knowledge in this area.

Joanna Płuciennik, M.Sc., University of Łódź, Poland – is a graduate of Marketing and Philosophy at the University of Łódź. She is currently working towards her PhD degree. She deals … Czytaj więcej »

Social Media Marketing – why businesses need to use it and how

The goal of this article is to show how and why it is important for businesses to not only understand social media marketing, but to also include it as an integral part of their marketing strategies. In this article will be set out some basic strategies for how to be successful in social media marketing and conclude with a more in-depth look at Facebook.

Ola Agbaimoni, M.Sc., Socialable, UK – was a Partner in Socialable Ltd. in London, UK, a social media company managing social media engagement for businesses. Ola’s background is in project management, regeneration, inward investment and … Czytaj więcej »

Social media as an effective tool for creating and building an employer brand

Social media can be an effective tool for creating and building an effective image of an organisation as a trustworthy employer both inside and outside the company.
The author has examined the use of social marketing channels by academic institutions. She asked about the role of this communication tool, undertaking the challenge to use social media as a tool for cross-marketing, employer experience of branding through social media. She has also examined employers’ knowledge of what and on which channels employees and “ambassadors” post about their company. Overwhelmingly, the response was obtained “no”, which shows that social media are a … Czytaj więcej »