Building scientific institution’s brand with online instruments

The brand image is fundamental for the scientific institution. In the high- competitive market the brand may have a significant impact on students decisions but also the decisions made by other stakeholders. The usage of online tools in creating brands and the brand awareness is standard nowdays and is present in many business strategies. The aim of the article is to present the problem on the example of scientific institutions. Based on literature review and empirical study the authors described the usage of most popular online tools in creating the scientific institutions’ brands.

Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń, PhD., University of Czytaj więcej »

Determinant factors of the marketing activity of scientific and research institutions

In the article the internal and external determinant factors which influence research and scientific institutions’ choice of business orientation are presented. Typical business orientations fit for application in such institutions for the purpose of carrying out market tasks are presented. Against their background the tasks of marketing in such institutions are outlined and the currently available set of marketing instruments at their disposal is discussed.

Prof. Bogdan Sojkin, University of Economics in Poznań, Poland – is professor of economics at the University of Economics in Poznań, Head of the Chair of Product Marketing at the Faculty of Commodity Science, member Czytaj więcej »

Putting science on the public agenda

The link between science and society is inevitable and becoming ever more important. Science is a relevant media content, but it needs to provide an interesting story in an attractive field. The question arises of how to get to the story and how to capture the momentum so that the audience or non-experts will understand the advantages, change their behaviour, and create a positive attitude to science.

Being a communication expert, I explored the relationships between society, the media (journalists) and science (scientists). I examined different contexts that are typical of each group and what is the potential to make … Czytaj więcej »

E-marketing of research and scientific institutions – psychological aspect

Marketing activities taken up by research and scientific institutions is an increasingly popular subject of debates and scientific works from the area of management and education. What shows this trend very well is not only the growing number of scientific publications concerning these subjects, but also the appearance of scientific magazines, titles dedicated to this issue (eg. International Journal of Educational Management, Journal of Marketing for Higher Education). In many contemporary works concerning marketing of higher education institutions and research institutes, models functioning in the business environment are being adapted to serve the needs of educational units. Thus, in works … Czytaj więcej »

Media relations – promoting scientific and research institutions in the media in Poland and Europe

Media are one of key intermediaries for dissemination of information and one of the most effective tools of promotion. They allow us to get our message across both to a broad group of recipients and a profiled recipient adequate for the subject, content and character of the provided message. The essence of information reaching the recipients through the media is the credibility, trust and impartiality attributed to it and thus its strength. For this reason building relations with the media is so important in public relations. Taking into consideration the fact that media to a large extent form the awareness … Czytaj więcej »

Modern library and the promotion of a scientific institution

Library has for centuries been associated with books arranged systematically on shelves, ubiquitous silence and dust. Despite constant changes taking place in libraries, they are still regarded as outdated, archaic creations. The history of libraries dating back to the third millennium B.C. and the moment of introduction of printing presses (15-16th century) is evidence of very small social coverage. Since the end of the 20th century libraries and library services have been under strong pressure of the development of science and technology, that’s why adapting to the surrounding world they are experiencing „a new start”1. Apart from previous functions: collecting, … Czytaj więcej »

Scientific institution’s ways of communicating with the environment

The Internet has given its users ways for fast and inexpensive publication of information, dissemination of their creativity, experiences and thoughts.Blogs have become one of the forms particularly popular over the recent years.Impact of blogs on the audience has turned out to be so significant that they quickly have begun to be used as a marketing tool, both in the area of public relations as well as advertising.  By definition, blog imposes a significant simplification on the message conveyed, both in terms of content and language, making them more legible, comprehensible and interesting for each recipient.This makes this form of … Czytaj więcej »