Material work environment and work comfort in the opinions of university employees

- Marzena Syper-Jędrzejak

This paper describes factors of material environment that are particularly important for employees comfort on the
example of a selected University. The main goal of the presented research was to identify factors of work comfort
related to material and social-living conditions of work and their assessment based on the opinion of employees in
a selected institution. A two-stage study conducted in 2016–2018 among 440 university employees made it possible
to identify factors relevant to the comfort of work, mainly related to material conditions. Based on the opinions
of university employees (questionnaires and interviews), problem areas were identified in the scope of shaping
comfortable working conditions.

Marzena Syper-Jędrzejak, PhD, University of Lodz, Poland — Assistant Professor at the Department of Human Resources Management, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz. Her research interests include work-life balance, corporate wellness and stress prevention in management.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2020-0005
MINIB, 2020, Vol. 35, Issue

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