Informative value of packaging as a determinant of food purchase

- dr hab. inż. Magdalena Ankiel, prof. UEP, dr hab. Mariola Grzybowska-Brzezińska, prof. UWM

The purpose of the article is to present the concept of information value of food packaging, characterize determinants of information value and present the results of own research on the identification of key information on packaging affecting purchasing decisions of food consumers. Unit packaging constituting an inherent element of food products equipment should fulfill numerous, overlapping functions, which include: protection, transport andinformation — functional, as well as ecological and promotional. One of the priority functions of product packaging (not just food) is the informative function. It is assumed that the proper selection of information encoded on the packaging should inform the consumer exhaustively, reliably and comprehensively about the packed product, its composition, nutritional values or storage conditions. Analyzing the information included on food packaging, it can be stated that entities introducing these products onto the market still show a tendency to “excessively” label the packaging (as part of optional labeling). It is therefore reasonable to specify what information is analyzed by consumers in the purchasing process and what information constitutes the information value of unit packets from the point of view of individual consumers. The above will allow identifying key determinants of the information value of packaging and may constitute valuable information for entities introducing products to trade in the field of proper selection of characters and codes of unit packets on the food market.

Magdalena Ankiel, PhD Eng., Assoc. Prof., Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poland — is a Professor at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. She is employed in Product Marketing Department at the Institute of Marketing. Her research and teaching interests concern on the areas of consumer behaviour, innovation design and development and informational value of packages. She is an author of several scientific papers and books. She has experience in product management and packaging innovation projects implemented for companies.

Mariola Grzybowska-Brzezińska, PhD, DSc- academic researcher at UWM in the Chair of Market and Consumption, Institute of Economics and Finance — A female scientist, but also an important figure in the authorities of the University of Warmia and Mazury. Her success is a combination of theory and practice, a rare thing, because usually scientists do not understand business although they write about it. She willingly cooperates with entrepreneurs, engages in merging the worlds of science and business, believes in the usefulness of science. She is valued by both the scientific and business community and liked by students.

In her scientific work she deals with the issue of consumer behaviour, as well as various aspects of food market functioning. She is the author or co-author of over one hundred and thirty original scientific publications. She has completed several internships and scientific stays at universities in the USA, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine and other countries. She has participated in a number of nationally and internationally funded programmes as a lecturer, consultant and scientific supervisor. Manager of post-graduate studies Quality Manager, she holds the position of a PhD student manager at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. Her popularization activities also include cooperation with local government and business environment units.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2020-0015
MINIB, 2020, Vol. 36, Issue 2

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