Automation Marketing in research unit – real value or effectiveness fantasy

- Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór, Ph.D., Mateusz Dulewski, M.Sc., Filip Wasilewski

The aim of the article is to present the issue of Marketing Automation (MA, automation of marketing) and the possibilities of its use in the operational activity of research and scientific entities. MA is a modern, advanced technological solution aimed at improving marketing processes and wider use of data on the market and customers. In recent years it has been one of the most important trends in modern marketing, at the same time posing a real challenge for organizations operating in the field of science and research. The article discusses the experience of the Central Mining Institute, related to the implementation of solutions such as Marketing Automation, treated here as a case study.

Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór Ph.D., Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Poland – experienced expert in PR and marketing communication. In her scientific work she deals with research on social aspects of company functioning. Awarded in the competition of the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy for the best doctoral theses. Member of the Silesian Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development. Member of the team for programming and monitoring the sustainable development of the Observatory of Urban and Metropolitan Processes in the region.
ORCID: 0000-0003-0920-6518

Mateusz Dulewski, M.Sc., Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Poland – holds an MBA degree from the Higher School of Commerce and International Finance in cooperation with Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has extensive experience gained in managerial positions in the implementation, marketing and sales of new products. For over a dozen years he has been actively involved in the energy, raw materials, construction and TSL industries.

Filip Wasilewski, Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Poland – Full Stack Developer with over ten years of experience, fluent in a wide range of web technologies, design and implementation of web interfaces and CMS systems. He co-creates and implements numerous social media campaigns and marketing automation processes. In addition, he specializes in creating strategies for website optimization and positioning.

DOI: 10.2478/minib-2019-0050
MINIB, 2019, Vol. 34, Issue 4

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