Popularization of science as a marketing tool exemplified by “Paths of Copernicus” – a programme funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

This article concerns the project Mine Surfers (2013-2014) carried out by the EMAG Institute of Innovative Technologies within a programme funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The authors present the positive marketing effects resulting from the project. In the case study, they describe the project against the backdrop of activities undertaken by other project teams. As well as the issues related to the execution of the project as such, focus was also placed on operations aiming for project promotion as well as popularising research and educational activities. Finally, the results of media monitoring with respect to the … Czytaj więcej »

Advertising – psychological aspects of the influence of marketing tricks

Promotional activities planned in research institutes are supposed to draw the attention of entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals to the offered services. The implementation of a marketing program usually involves participation in conferences, seminars, workshops. Organising and participating in the above-mentioned events gives the opportunity to share valuable information, remarks and allows updating and preparing new solutions in the scope of research and services that can be offered. Another means of promotion is the Internet website, which can contribute to raising interest in the presented offer. Another important element is also the publication of informative materials like catalogues, leaflets, brochures, publishing … Czytaj więcej »