Role of a technology transfer platform in commercialization of research results

Creating a technology platform facilitating the process of knowledge and technology transfer is one of the ways to strengthen the ties between the R&D sector and industry. Technology platform is a tool supporting marketing activities undertaken at research organisations, which enables effective implementation of research results. Concurrently, it also helps one to identify actual market needs and requirements as far as innovative technologies are concerned. Within the platform, innovative product and process technologies are promoted and effective technology transfer mechanisms and structures are established and assessed. Besides, the platform enables the analysis of potential innovation development directions rooted in the … Czytaj więcej »

Model technology platform for cooperation of research centres with the business sector

One of the ways of facilitating communication between the research and scientific sector and the business sector is to establish network forms of cooperation. Network is understood as a long-term relationship between partners connected through ventures which define the scope of their cooperation. International experience shows that network forms of cooperation are beneficial both for science and business: they intensify the processes of commercialization; level out negative phenomena on the labour market; and boost company competitiveness. Around the world the share of companies declaring that they cooperate with scientists amounts to 75-80%. In Poland the scale of cooperation between these … Czytaj więcej »