The role of science and technology parks in communication processes between research institutions and industry

Among the ways to bridge the gap between the research communities and the industry, one of the best known are the Science and Technology Parks. The scope of the offered services, the scale of operations and their revenues vary considerably. The largest parks gather companies, whose revenues may reach billions of dollars. Achieving such success requires, from the park operators, much more than offering attractive prices for office space. Moreover, it requires well-coordinated activities, based on a long term vision, from the central governments. The paper presents an analysis of the factors determining the success or fiasco of science and … Czytaj więcej »

Science, technology and business – market or interactive coordination

Recent decades have witnessed a growing interest in the importance of science and technology for business development and how they affect the positions of individual companies and their economic performance. Over the years the discussion involved R&D people and general managers from industry, researchers and administrative managers from universities and policy people from governments. The crucial issue is about the present state of the technology-business interface and the general connections among scientific research, development of technologies and economic development in terms of the performance of business units. This is interesting for us as our research group has extensive experience in … Czytaj więcej »