The role of personnel marketing in the process of building corporate social responsibility strategy of a scientific unit

The goal of this article is to discuss the significance of human capital in the process of building the strategy of social responsibility and the role of personnel marketing in the process. Dynamically changing social environment has enforced a new way of looking at non-material resources. Organizations have understood that it is human capital and social competences that have a significant impact on the creation of an organization’s value, generating profits, as well as gaining competitive advantage in the 21st century. Personnel marketing is now a key element in the process of implementation of the CSR concept and building the … Czytaj więcej »

New social communication toward the relational capital creation

Corporate social responsibility is an example of an approach to management that emphasizes the importance of organization’s influence exerted by the company on a number of diverse groups called stakeholders. CSR sets new functions for social communication. In this paper chosen examples of social activities communication of Polish mining companies has been addressed. The main risks for the use of contemporary forms of communication as well as possibilities which are the results of application of modern management model has been indicated.

Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór, M.Sc., Central Mining Institute, Poland – spokeswoman for the Central Mining Institute, PhD student at the Institute Czytaj więcej »

Social responsibility in business in theory and practice

In a community business activity creates the feeling of common goals and the conviction based on the assumption that each person’s success depends on the success of others. Both practice and theoretical deliberations show that efficient social responsibility policy of a company is based on common creation of social and economic value. It focuses on searching for economic results of social involvement, as well as partners allowing for operational application of social activities for the achievement of planned targets. This has aroused interest in partnership between sectors as a form of efficient implementation of the companys’ social responsibility policy. The … Czytaj więcej »

Social campaigns concerning work safety in the context of social responsibility of business in Poland

Social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR) has been defined by the European Commission as the concept of voluntary inclusion of social goals and goals associated with the protection of environment in normal company business activities and relations with all interested partners. According to the assumptions, a responsible entrepreneur treats clients, business partners and competition in an honest way, cares for the health, safety, security and good disposition of employees, motivates employees by offering them training and opportunities for development, acts like a „good citizen” in the local community, and respects natural resources and the environment. One of important elements … Czytaj więcej »