Reputation Management for Scientific Organisations – Framework Development and Exemplification

Reputation management deals with establishing, maintaining and strengthening a positive reputation for an object in order to build trust, commitment and lasting relationships. Positive reputation is considered a major intangible asset of companies as it contributes to their value creation. Reputation and reputation management, therefore, are well-established perspectives in marketing theory. This paper examines reputation in matters of scientific organisations. Drawing on conventional (commercial marketing) models of reputation management and derived characteristics of scientific organisations, a modified framework is deduced, named the Scientific Organisations Reputation Model (SORM). As this model widely fits the specific requirements of this type of organisation … Czytaj więcej »

Determinants in the marketing of a research and scientific institution

Nowadays, the fact that a participant of any product market conducts marketing activities comes as no surprise. In fact it’s surprising only if a participant doesn’t use any tools from the rich array of marketing instruments. However, what is very important and requires great knowledge and experience from a market participant is the preparation of a set of market values defining clearly the goals of his activities on the market. These values should be accompanied by a properly matched company strategy (including marketing strategy) allowing the achievement of these values, as well as implementation of the strategy appropriate for the … Czytaj więcej »