Visual identification and its role in shaping brand awareness and marketing communication

Every scientific and research institution can be treated as a provider of services carrying out research and development projects or running educational activities and as such is subject to the same mechanisms of market competition as a „model” company. An institution of this kind can create a recognizable brand and can convince its clients that they are buying something exceptional. Strong brands excel on a crowded market, they help consumers choose from a whole spectrum of options and emphasize the essential value of the service – by raising trust they provide clients with what they expect. In the process of … Czytaj więcej »

Strategic significance of the brand in the activities of an organization

Issues associated with brand management and its share in the creation of value for companies from the sector of consumer goods have for many years been some of the most popular subjects in the area of marketing. The interest in issues of using marketing and the brand in particular, also in B2B relations, non-profit organizations or research units, as well as in branches offering products which cannot be easily distinguished – eg. in the energy sector, has recently been growing. This new phenomenon of the penetration of marketing concepts beyond the traditional „brand” branches is associated with professionalization of management … Czytaj więcej »

Implementing new marketing strategies in scientific and research institutions

The goal of this work is to show the character and dynamics of changes in the environment of companies and market institutions and highlighting the directions in which their marketing strategies are going as a response to new challenges. A detailed area of analysis is the sector of scientific, research and educational institutions, which has to adapt its activities to the requirements of the environment, taking advantage of the concept of relationship marketing and the concept of customer value management. In the work secondary sources of information in form of specialist publications and research results of specialized agencies, as well … Czytaj więcej »

International orientation in the strategy of scientific and research institutions

The subject of the article is associated with the issue of management of organizations in a changing, dynamic environment. Formulating strategy of development of these organizations requires from the managers setting and achieving such goals of functioning on a competitive market which involve longer, at least medium perspective and present new possibilities for the development of their organizations. Thus, the goal of this article is to draw attention to the chances for development of organizations, which result from adopting the option of making the strategy of action international in character. The very process of internationalization of an organization can be … Czytaj więcej »

Financing marketing with EU funds

The goal of this article is to present on the basis of selected examples the possibilities of financing marketing activities of scientific and research institutions with funds from EU programmes. In 2013 the current period of programming of European Union funds (2007-2013) ends. This means that the volume of assets and directions of financing for the years 2014-2020 should already be known. It is worth taking a look at what opportunities have the European funds provided by now for the marketing activities of scientific institutions. Another interesting issue are statistics concerning the participation of Polish institutions: number of projects and … Czytaj więcej »

Marketing of knowledge based services

The issues discussed in this paper refer to the contemporary role of services in the knowledge-based economy. The author identifies the fields of services that currently constitute the so-called economy development carriers and names them knowledge-based services. Educational, research, and information and communication, as well as business services are particularly significant in this group of services. Despite the diversity of the enumerated services between industries, their common feature is offering customers the basic value in the form of professional knowledge based on the intellectual capital of individual service organisations. The author, relying on the concept of customer value management as … Czytaj więcej »