Factors determining effective cooperation of companies with scientific-research units

The goal of this article is to present and analyse factors which influence the success of cooperation between science and business. An inspiration for this article were the results of research conducted in 2015-2016 by a scientific team of Warsaw Management School. The research concerned the problem of low level of innovativeness of Polish economy. The purpose of the research was to identify the obstacles for innovativeness resulting from flawed policies of the state, companies’ activities and actions taken by scientific-research institutions. On the basis of obtained conclusions recommendations concerning possible solutions that could allow to change the unfavourable situation, … Czytaj więcej »

Success factors and limitations of efficient internal communication

The article covers the key issues of internal communication within an organization. It highlights the benefits of implementation of transparent communication principles for a company. It identifies objectives and presents selected communication tools. In the article, also guidelines for carrying out research in the context of development of an internal communication strategy can be found. Selected research areas of the process of planning and implementation of strategic assumptions have been presented. Factors limiting effective implementation of an internal communication strategy have been discussed.

Dariusz Tworzydło, Ph.D. – Chairman of the Institute for Information Society Development, Poland, and Chief Executive Officer Czytaj więcej »

Relationship context of personnel marketing of scientific organizations

In the article the problems of relationship context of personnel marketing in scientific organizations were presented. The special attention was paid to feelings of contentment and satisfaction which causing is the main goal of the mentioned idea. The author wanted to realize two research aims (to define the dependences between the level of satisfaction and the level of contentment; to analyse the chosen determinants of the both categories) and to verify the research hypothesis that the level of satisfaction is the significant determinant of the level of contentment. On the base of the results of the field researches one can … Czytaj więcej »