Modern library and the promotion of a scientific institution

Library has for centuries been associated with books arranged systematically on shelves, ubiquitous silence and dust. Despite constant changes taking place in libraries, they are still regarded as outdated, archaic creations. The history of libraries dating back to the third millennium B.C. and the moment of introduction of printing presses (15-16th century) is evidence of very small social coverage. Since the end of the 20th century libraries and library services have been under strong pressure of the development of science and technology, that’s why adapting to the surrounding world they are experiencing „a new start”1. Apart from previous functions: collecting, … Czytaj więcej »

Blogs in cultural institutions

This article discusses examples of three blogs of the National Library, both in terms of their structure and content as highlighting elements that impact on the promotion of both the blog and the institutions they lead. Discussed the advantages of one of Poland’s most popular blogging platforms WordPress. It also presents a short briefings to customize the look of your blog based on WordPress platform needs to actuate the institution.

Michał Kaczyński, M.Sc. Eng., National Library, Poland – programmer, graduate of the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, specialization – computer science.  He has worked … Czytaj więcej »

Digital Repository of Research Institutes – RCIN

The paper describes the project of Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes RCIN and presents opportunities for promoting science by digitization and sharing them on the Internet. The Repository has been created by the 16 Scientific Institutes in Warsaw, Krakow and Bialowieza to modernize the science-research and IT infrastructure, to increase digital resources of mathematical, technical, natural and medical sciences, and to popularize and promote of Polish science. That dissemination and popularization of science affects its development and competitiveness in the international arena and it allows transfer of research results to the economy. In addition, Institutes of RCIN providing contemporary and … Czytaj więcej »