Lecturers as an element of higher education marketing

The goal of this article is to identify the scope and results of already conducted research on the perception of lecturers from the internal and external perspective of Polish universities , as well as to assess the utilization of these resources in light of the marketing knowledge of a service organization. Research methods used for the purpose of this article include: the analysis of Polish and foreign periodicals from the area of university management and marketing, diagnosis of the utilization of lecturers as a special marketing asset of a university and formulating conditions for efficient marketing management of university employees … Czytaj więcej »

E-marketing of research and scientific institutions – psychological aspect

Marketing activities taken up by research and scientific institutions is an increasingly popular subject of debates and scientific works from the area of management and education. What shows this trend very well is not only the growing number of scientific publications concerning these subjects, but also the appearance of scientific magazines, titles dedicated to this issue (eg. International Journal of Educational Management, Journal of Marketing for Higher Education). In many contemporary works concerning marketing of higher education institutions and research institutes, models functioning in the business environment are being adapted to serve the needs of educational units. Thus, in works … Czytaj więcej »