Communication in times of crisis as an element of building an efficient brand

Crisis is a word which nowadays is used in all forms and contexts. The year 2008 was a prelude to what now and in the year 2011 concerns not only entrepreneurs, but also every average inhabitant of the globe. Even though the crisis, the world has found itself in, concerns mainly the economic aspects. Hardly anyone talks about its other implications such as problems in the sphere of image. Despite differing definitions, economy and image are not that far apart, as especially in case of crises both notions are closely intertwined. It is hard not to notice that in a … Czytaj więcej »

How to cooperate efficiently with the media in situation of crisis – case study

The essence of this article is to show the differences and the degree of difficulty in standard and crisis communication. Communication that we use every day in cooperation with the media should serve as the basis and contribution to obtaining certain efficiency of information distribution, which will pay off in a crisis situation. Rescuing a dog named Baltic could prove to be a major crisis in the history of the NMFRI. There were many threats and decisions that could be regarded as unfavourable for the Institute — is it allowed and for the sake of what — to threaten health … Czytaj więcej »