Social media as an effective tool for creating and building an employer brand

Social media can be an effective tool for creating and building an effective image of an organisation as a trustworthy employer both inside and outside the company.
The author has examined the use of social marketing channels by academic institutions. She asked about the role of this communication tool, undertaking the challenge to use social media as a tool for cross-marketing, employer experience of branding through social media. She has also examined employers’ knowledge of what and on which channels employees and “ambassadors” post about their company. Overwhelmingly, the response was obtained “no”, which shows that social media are a … Czytaj więcej »

Employer branding in the background of relationship marketing conceptions

Marketing is a dynamic discipline. Relation marketing is one of its conceptions and sets new standards for the cooperation between market players. It claims that a company’s market growth is influenced by longterm business relationships. Furthermore, it states that a company’s assets are defined by its relations within the business environment. Employer branding is defined as a series of actions, the goal of which is building a company’s brand on the market as “company of first choice for future employees”. The theoretical background for employer branding derives from relationship marketing.

Magdalena Maruszczak, M.Sc., Warsaw School of Economics, Poland – is … Czytaj więcej »